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An unexpected employee absence can cost a business as much as $340 a day, while the annual cost to the Australian economy of lost productivity through absenteeism is in excess of $30 billion, with a total of 90 million working days being lost through unexpected absences.

The sad thing is, many workplaces accept this as the ‘norm’.

For this, and many other reasons, the need to address workplace health and wellbeing within a workplace setting is becoming increasingly evident, and vitally important. In this live and interactive online event, Ai Group’s Wellbeing & Safety Specialists will outline:  

  • Various health trends within Australia;
  • Why wellbeing should be considered a critical risk factor within your workplace;
  • The urgent need for businesses to adopt a more structured and practical approach to wellbeing;
  • Successful wellbeing case studies demonstrating how a collaborative workplace approach led to one worker losing 40kg;
  • The role of the workplace as a change agent & practical approaches to wellbeing; and
  • Why engagement should be a cornerstone of your wellbeing program.

The business benefits for improving workplace health are many: improved morale, increased worker retention and engagement, as well as creating a workplace of choice. All these factors play a leading role in reducing workplace absenteeism.

Implementing an effective program, however, is no easy task. Wellbeing is a broad term that encompasses many health categories – smoking, nutrition, alcohol, physical activity, mental health etc – and workplaces are dynamic and complex environments.

This webinar is a ‘must’ for business leaders looking to overcome this complexity and get the best out of their workforce.