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It’s no longer sufficient to rely on IT teams to solve the challenges of cybersecurity in organisations. As the first, second or third line of defence, individuals in business today need the skills and tools to manage cyber risk and maintain a defensive mindset when it comes to cybercrime. Using real-world examples and the very best tools in experiential learning, Getting Cybersmart delves into the cyber threat landscape highlighting the potential dangers threatening business today, providing methods and frameworks to create and foster an ethical cyber security culture.

Course outcomes

In this practical and insightful course, we will cover the following key themes:

  • Understanding how valuable the skills of cyber safety are today.
  • Gain knowledge of key cyber-attack events (historic and contemporary).
  • Getting up to speed with the cyber threat landscape: what are the threats and their potential impact.
  • Becoming knowledgeable and engaging in the potential responses/solutions to cyber-attacks.
  • Evaluating your role as cyber safety knowledge worker in your organisation.
  • Building self-awareness and habits in cyber safety.
  • Learning how to foster and be part of a culture of cyber safety.
  • Developing your own line of defence against cyber-attacks.

Getting Started

  • Introduction and welcome
  • Contemporary case study of cybercrime/group discussion
  • Capability assessment

Week One - Cyber Crimes and The Threat Landscape

  • History and impact of cybercrime.
  • Cybercrime in 2020: trends and tactics.
  • Covid-19 its impact on cyber safety.
  • Epic tales of woe: motives, marriages, and the sins of social media.

Week Two - Cyber Defence: A Proactive Approach

  • A defensive mindset: cultivating “polite paranoia”.
  • Deception: the role of deception in cyber-attacks.
  • Cyber risk management.
  • The line between privacy and surveillance.

Week Three - Creating a Culture of Cyber Security

  • Self-awareness and habits: your cyber security toolkit.
  • A house in order: creating an ethical cyber security culture.
  • Cyber safety at your organisation

This course is short (8 to 10 hours over 3 weeks), sharp (very focused) and impacting (will change behaviour and grow your capability for the future). Building a community of practice and trust, learners work collaboratively with colleagues and coaches who will become a tight, trusted community over the 3 weeks … and hopefully much longer.