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Ai Group published reports - last 12 months

Ai Group reports published in the last 12 months are listed below. To find an Ai Group report published prior to 2016 see our Reports archive. Alternatively, use our Search to find the report you need by entering its title or a relevant keyword.

Published Name
19-June-2020 Business experiences of the COVID-19 pandemic, March to May 2020
28-May-2020 Business reports about the COVID-19 pandemic, April 2020
14-April-2020 Business reports about the COVID-19 pandemic, March 2020
07-April-2020 National CEO Survey – Manufacturing in 2020
07-April-2020 National CEO Survey – Construction in 2020
26-Feb-2020 Reimagining Vocational Qualifications
04-Feb-2020 Waste – Australian State of Play
29-Jan-2020 National CEO Survey – Business Prospects in 2020: Policy action can overcome caution, slow growth and weak productivity
20-Jan-2020 Implementing mental health initiatives in Australian business - triggers, facilitators and barriers
6-Aug-2019 The Fourth Industrial Revolution: Australian businesses in transition
10-May-2019 National CEO Survey: Outlook for Construction Businesses
05-Apr-2019 National CEO Survey: Outlook for Services Businesses
05-Apr-2019 Pre-Election Statement: Skills, education & training
28-Mar-2019 Pre-Election Statement: Productive and Fair Workplace Relations
27-Mar-2019 Pre-Election Statement: Building dynamic competitive industries
26-Mar-2019 Pre-Election Statement: Making Energy and Climate Policy Work
01-Feb-2019 Realising Potential: Solving Australia's tertiary education challenge
21-Jan-2019 National CEO Survey Business Prospects for 2019
12-Sept-2018 Skilling: A National Imperative (Survey Report – Workforce Development Needs)
30-Aug-2018 Australian Manufacturing Gas Efficiency Guide
24-Aug-2018 Australian Trade and Investment Liberalisation
17-July-2018 The Imperative of Higher Apprenticeships
17-July-2018 Industry 4.0 Higher Apprenticeships Program
05-July-2018 Eastern Australian Energy Prices: 'From Worse to Bad'
23-Apr-2018 Ai Group Survey: Business priorities for the 2018-19 Federal Budget
27-Mar-2018 Developing the Workforce for a Digital Future
24-Jan-2018 National CEO Survey - Business Prospects in 2018 report
04-Sept-2017 Working Paper: Will a contract make the difference? Government policy and new coal-fired power stations
30-July-2017 Foundation Skills Pilot Program Success
15-Jun-2017 Strengthening School-Industry STEM Skills Partnerships
23-May-2017 Business Beyond Broadband - Report Download
05-May-2017 Ai Group Survey: Business priorities for the 2017-18 Federal Budget
14-Mar-2017 Governments need to make 2017 the year of Vocational Education & Training (Joint Report: Ai Group, ACCI, BCA)
28-Feb-2017 Energy shock: No gas, no power, no future?
12-Jan-2017 National CEO Survey - Business Prospects in 2017: Foundations for Growth
13-Dec-2016 Workforce Development Needs Survey Report
01-Dec-2016 National CEO Survey 2016: Business Strategy
31-Oct-2016 The Future of Australian Apprenticeships
11-Oct-2016 Connecting for Productivity: University and industry partnerships
14-Sep-2016 Joining Forces: Innovation Success Through Partnerships
15-Aug-2016 National CEO Survey: Business Responses to the Australian Dollar
23-Jun-2016 NSW Economy and State Budget 2016/17
17-Jun-2016 Queensland Economy and State Budget 2016/17
29-Apr-2016 Victorian economy: outlook, opportunities and risks
27-Apr-2016 Business priorities for the 2016-17 Federal Budget
14-Apr-2016 Making Apprenticeships Work, April 2016
01-Feb-2016 National CEO Survey - Business Prospects in 2016: Cautious New Hope
18-Jan-2016 Tackling Foundation Skills in the Workforce

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