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Welcome NSW initiative to support apprentices impacted by bushfires

"Ai Group supports NSW Government's initiative to help apprentices who have lost their jobs due to drought and fires to stay in their trade. The Government proposes to relax apprenticeship rules and allow them to continue the institutional training component of their apprenticeships for up to 12 months where their employer has had to put them off due to the impact of drought or bushfire on their business," Ai Group NSW Head, Mark Goodsell said today.

"It is very important that they find an employer to take them on as soon as possible and resume the vital workplace component of their apprenticeship.

"Ai Group encourages our members and other companies to consider taking a displaced apprentice on if they have capacity. Our own group training company will be looking for opportunities to assist.

"We know reduced apprenticeships today will mean skill shortages tomorrow. That will only slow the rebound after the drought and post fire recovery," Mr Goodsell said.

Media enquiries: Mark Goodsell – 0418 408 871