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Ai Group welcomes Building QLD's Infrastructure Pipeline Report

"Ai Group welcomes the release of Building Queensland's (QLD) first Infrastructure Pipeline Report for the State," Ai Group's Queensland Director Jemina Dunn said today.

"Transparency is vital for infrastructure projects and we value the Government's establishment of Building QLD as an independent body to rigorously assess the State's investment.

"To ensure the best possible use of taxpayer funds, proposed projects must be subject to thorough and transparent cost-benefit analysis that is removed from the political cycle. Too often in the past we have seen poor infrastructure investment decisions resulting in wasteful and inefficient outcomes due to a lack of robust pre-delivery project analysis.

"A clear and transparent process not only assists in ensuring future infrastructure lifts productivity but also helps foster public support for infrastructure projects, avoids costly delays in construction and creates confidence among investors ensuring that lower-cost financing and a deep pool of investment funds exists for future projects.

"Building QLD's prioritisation of projects will help inform Government's infrastructure investment into the future. Ai Group believes that the pivotal challenge of developing the State's productive capacity is dependent on the provision of high quality infrastructure projects delivered as part of a consistent pipeline of construction activity.

"Supplemented by appropriate funding allocation, release of today's plan, the first of an ongoing six-monthly cycle, will go a significant way towards ensuring future projects deliver appropriate bang for buck with resulting flow-on benefits for the QLD economy," Ms Dunn said.

Media Enquiries:  Jemina Dunn, Queensland State Director, 0407 266 482