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Jobs for Grads


Ai Group launched a new graduate employment service in 2016. And there's never been a more important time.

With over 200,000 graduates hitting the workforce each year, securing a job is an ongoing challenge.

Thousands of employers want to give them an opportunity. But how do you make sure an untested graduate, straight out of uni, will develop all the workplace skills they need?


You might love to give a graduate a go - but how do you make sure it makes sense for your business?

Making sure your graduate is ready from day one

Our graduate recruitment service doesn't just match graduates to jobs. We make sure they're ready for the job.

We mentor your graduate throughout their employment, work closely with their manager to see how they're performing, and back them with a two-month workforce induction program - teaching vital communication, teamwork and interpersonal skills.

So from the moment they walk in the door, you can be confident your new employee is adding value to your business.

Finding graduates who really want to work for your business

When it comes to recruiting, we're every bit as thorough.

Candidates are shortlisted based on what matters to you: competency; location; drive; and determination. Not just academic results.

We do the legwork and put forward the candidates that really shine. Videos of ‘pre-interviews' are available for you to watch in your own time before you decide to progress to your own in-person meeting.

We bear the risk so you can seize the opportunity

To make sure there's nothing stopping you from taking on a great new graduate, we employ them on your behalf - for as little as three months or as long as two years.

We manage timesheets, wages, superannuation and workers' compensation, as well as their employment contract. And on the off chance that things just don't work out, there's no obligation of ongoing employment.

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Reward your years of hard work with amazing short- and long-term opportunities

It can be tough out there for graduates.

Recent surveys show that nearly 35% are still looking for work five months after graduating.

Five months - that's a long time to wait.

Especially when you've been studying hard, preparing for the workforce at school and university for 16 years.

It can be easy to feel left out, and let down.

Fortunately, the plight of graduates hasn't gone unnoticed.

Australian Industry Group's Jobs for Grads service is hooking up graduates with the work - and work experience - they really need.

From engineering to business, from research to IT, we're placing graduates in amazing roles.

Short-term or full-time. From as little as three months to as long as... well, as long as you (and your employer) like.

And it's more than just a job.

With Ai Group Jobs for Grads, you don't just get a great role with a great organisation. You get everything you need to shine.

Including a comprehensive induction, and mentoring from our industry experts - so you'll never feel overwhelmed.

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