As part of the Queensland Government’s Unite and Recover strategy to rebuild and strengthen the State’s economy, significant investment has been committed to help small businesses survive the challenging economic climate.

The Small Business Training Platform offers a range of business improvement resources that have been developed to support Queensland individuals and small businesses to help them succeed. These short courses, webinars and online resources will assist business owners, managers and their teams with access to high-quality information and resources at a time that suits them.

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What's included?

The business modules offered by the Small Business Training Platform include:

  • Ensuring compliance
  • Tackling challenging WR /IR issues
  • Supporting mental health and wellbeing; and
  • Providing tools for business improvement, exporting and growth.

Am I eligible?

Access is available to Queensland small business owners or operators, and also to employees who: are currently employed by small business; are underemployed in a small business; were stood down from a small business; or are wanting to transition to working in a small business because of COVID-19.

Available Online Training Courses

Strategy & Planning

  • Business Planning, Recovery & Growth
  • Financial Literacy – Learning the Language of Business
  • How to measure and grow the value of your business
  • Business Continuity
  • Planning - preparedness and planning
  • Business Continuity Planning – Immediate considerations after business interruptions
  • Business Continuity Planning – Steps to recovery
  • Business Continuity – Long-term disaster recovery
  • Business Exit Strategies
  • “Kick Ass” Marketing Plan

Growing Sales & eCommerce/Online

  • Commercialise Your Business for Online Market
  • Preparing your products/services for Cross Border eCommerce
  • Strategy for Cross Border eCommerce
  • Identifying your sales channels for cross border eCommerce
  • Preparing to launch your Cross-Border eCommerce business
  • Post launch and marketing of your Cross-Border eCommerce business
  • eCommerce Readiness - Asian markets overview
  • eCommerce Readiness – supply chain management
  • Social Media Marketing in Asia
  • eCommerce Eco-Systems in Asia – Online Marketplaces
  • eCommerce Eco-Systems in Asia – managing supply chain
  • Growing your business on Facebook
  • Using LinkedIn to grow sales

International Business – Export of goods and services

  • Export Readiness Diagnostic
  • The Basics to Online Exporting
  • Export Market Planning – One-Page Plan for Goods Export
  • Export Market Planning – One-Page Plan for Services Export
  • Understanding Transport & Logistics for export growth
  • Understanding export documentation for export growth
  • Managing Payment Risks in exporting
  • Take advantage of Australia’s Free Trade Agreements to expand beyond borders - Goods Export
  • Cultural Understanding – Negotiating Business in South Korea
  • Cultural Understanding – Negotiating Business in China
  • Cultural Understanding – Negotiating Business in Japan
  • Practical Approach to Exporting
  • Leverage Australia’s Free Trade Agreements for SERVICES export

Workplace Relations

  • Employment Law Awareness for Managers and Supervisors
  • Discrimination, Bullying and Harassment Awareness for Managers
  • Performance Management (Disciplinary Procedures)
  • Dealing with Difficult People and Conflict

Other Business Skills

  • Communication Skills
  • Conducting Meetings
  • Managing Stress in the Current Environment (COVID-19)
  • Mental Health and Awareness for Managers and Supervisors
  • Recruit, Select and Induct Staff
  • Workplace Health and Safety (WHS)

Ai Group online resources and webinar library

  • HR and IR
  • Business Improvement and Growth (BIG) Hub
  • Work Health & Safety
  • Economics
  • Manufacturing
  • Innovation and Business Management