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Contractor management is an important part of any work health and safety management program. The safety of contractors at work is just as important as the safety of any of your own workers.

To assist organisations in managing contractors’ safety Ai Group recommends implementing a contractor management program as part of a work health and safety management system. It is important to demonstrate that the organisation has undertaken reasonable steps to ensure the safety of contractors and those working with them.

This document should be completed to demonstrate that the contractors that are to be engaged have the required skills, training and certification to safely undertake tasks, have been provided with suitable induction training and safe work information, and have the necessary insurances to operate. Training should be provided to those team leaders that engage and supervise contractors to ensure they understand the contractor management program and how to use documents such as this Approved Contractor Register.

Ai Group can assist you with developing a Contractor Management program to ensure the health and safety of everyone at your workplace.

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