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What we have said in a pre-COVID-19 world (see below) still has relevance today. Whilst staff may not be excited about working from home during this time, most will appreciate that is a better alternative to taking leave or being unemployed.

We have not updated our sample policy to specifically reference effects of the COVID-19 pandemic as it is important to keep in mind what we would do in different times and decide how much of that can be adapted to this unique situation, but clearly not all processes will be relevant. 

Employees are likely to be more appreciative of their employer and happier in their employment if their employer can work with them to minimise stress and issues related to meeting the demands of their work and home life. Flexible working arrangements can also benefit employers by increasing staff retention and productivity.

Common uses of flexible arrangements include part time work, flexible start and finish times and being able to work from home with Fair Work legislation allowing many groups the opportunity to request a change to their working arrangements. 

If an employer is able accommodate working from home arrangements, it is recommended the employer consult with workers and develop a working from home policy, communicate the policy with the business and regularly review the arrangements.

This policy is a sample only.  Employers should seek advice from the Ai Group in tailoring this policy to the particular needs of the organisation.  

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Date Update
12/5/2020 This policy has undergone a periodic review. No significant changes have been made.
02/05/2019 This policy has undergone a periodic review. No significant changes have been made.




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