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The use of tracking devices (such as Global Positioning System (GPS) technology) is becoming more widespread in vehicles and mobile devices such as iPhones.

Tracking devices can be used to collect information about an organisation’s vehicles and employees including location, distance travelled, speed, travel time, and time spent at locations.Although employers may justify the use of tracking devices to improve safety, productivity and competitiveness, employees may be concerned that information collected can be used to monitor their activities outside working hours. Therefore, employers should develop a Tacking Policy (or include tracking information within a Surveillance Policy) that clearly states when and why surveillance will be used, who has access to surveillance records, and any consequences that may follow from the surveillance.

This policy is a sample only.  Employers should seek advice from Ai Group in tailoring this policy to the particular needs of the organisation.  

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Date Update
23/07/2020 This policy has undergone a periodic review and no significant changes have been made. 

This policy has undergone a periodic review and has been updated to include specific guidance for NSW and ACT employers regarding the introduction of surveillance.



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