Australia’s Awards system is defined by its complexity

Ai Group’s Annotated Awards are defined by their clarity

Simply reliable

Ai Group’s Annotated Awards have long been among the services most valued by our members. Available in both hardcopy and online formats, your Annotated Awards also offer an updating service, ensuring the publications remain accurate and 100% reliable whenever changes occur.

The additional explanations, interpretations and guidance notes they offer – above and beyond the complex and often confusing official Award publications of the Fair Work Commission (FWC) – are designed to help you and your business correctly interpret and apply the award in your workplace, ensuring your obligations are met.

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If you subscribe to Ai Group’s Annotated Award publications, you are receiving Australia’s preeminent guide to interpreting the complex world of modern awards.

What’s new?

The layout, structure and language of the awards are changing. In addition, a significant number of new and varied provisions exist in the new 2020 Awards. 

Given the significant changes to the Modern Awards, we will now need to introduce your new 2020 Annotated Awards. As a result, our pricing model and structure has been amended to reflect the substantial scope of these changes, but rest assured: we will continue to provide comprehensive explanations and interpretations relating to many award clauses, along with detailed Guidance Notes.

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Why Ai Group?

Ai Group is a longstanding and influential advocate of our members’ interests, dating back to the very beginning of the process of award modernisation.

We have vigorously represented Members’ interests during the entire seven-year process of the current 4 Yearly Review of Modern Awards, making countless written submissions and appearing before the FWC on hundreds of different occasions.

The updated versions of the awards that are progressively being issued reflect the extensive resources that have been devoted by Ai Group to the Review. Many cost risks and reduced flexibilities have been avoided due to Ai Group’s efforts on our Members’ behalf.

Our involvement in the process, and our commitment to achieving the best outcomes for members, underpins the reliability and clarity of the guidance our annotations provide.

Your Ai Group 2020 Annotated Award is essential to ensure that your business is able to comply with the new obligations.

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