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Upskilling our frontline managers is critical in an effective workers' compensation management system. As a Return to Work Co-ordinator or a person managing injured workers' back to work, we should be collaborating with frontline managers and supervisors to assist with getting injured workers' back to work as soon as possible. However, if we don't adequately equip these staff in the complexities of the workers' compensation system and what part they need to play, then how can we genuinely expect them to take the necessary steps needed to get an injured worker back to work successfully?

Ai Group has trained many businesses across Australia in workers' compensation systems management. This program provides participants with an interactive session to understand 'Workers' Compensation Basics', followed by a practical exercise where participants will be taken through a case study to understand the course of action that needs to occur to support an early and durable return to work.

This course will give you:

  • A basic understanding of workers compensation legal framework
  • Key principles of rehabilitation and return to work -understanding early intervention
  • Understanding all the key stakeholders in the RTW process
  • Understanding on how to implement a return to work program
  • Understanding how to work with RTW Co-ordinator to achieve successful RTW outcomes
  • Understanding the role you can play in consultation around suitable duties
  • Practical tips to encourage the return to work process to get successful outcomes
Half Day
POA Onsite Only
  • Managers or supervisors who may need to assist a worker back to work
  • Any staff who may benefit from understanding workers' compensation basics