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Many organisations invest substantial time and money into the running of a safety committee, only to see them focus on meaningless issues and skirt around the big-ticket items that can make a big difference in the workplace. The team at Ai Group can help your business empower your committee to build a more strategic approach to targeting safety which in turn will provide a genuine return on investment.

Ai Group's one-day training course is delivered onsite and tailored to incorporate the specific processes and key functions of your safety committee - or any formal or informal safety consultative group. The program is designed to provide committee members with a practical understanding of safety and how they can assist in developing effective risk management strategies and improving safety outcomes.

Program Content and Learning Outcomes

At the completion of the course participants should understand the following:

  • Overview of Safety Legislation, who has a duty under the Act
  • Understanding the role and function of consultation, where a health and safety committee fits into that
  • Working effectively as a team
  • How to get the committee to make a difference in workplace safety
  • How to prepare and conduct an effective committee meeting
  • Working as a team to achieve risk management – looking at the hierarchy of controls.
  • Understanding how to conduct effective site inspections
  • Committee members as safety leaders
  • Where to get resources to assist
1 Day
Onsite Only POA

This course is for all organisations, large and small, and across all industry sectors and is ideal for health and safety committee representatives.