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ACCELERATE your career with strategy, focus and execution

This one on one coaching program is designed to fast-track your Leadership capability, as you are coached to explore real challenges within your personal and professional world.  The program focuses on a culmination of strategy, skill development, execution, accountability and optimal impact. You will be guided through an experiential process pertaining to your environment, targeting tangible results and outcomes. You will be challenged to think in different ways as you stretch yourself to change longstanding behaviours and thought patterns.  This program is a whole new level of accountability to fast track your outcomes and help you thrive in an ever changing world.


The program consists of one on one coaching, out of session activities and a video series to support your learning.


The program duration is 100 days and consists of 3 distinct pillars:

Pillar One:       30 days (Weekly coaching sessions)

Pillar Two:       70 days (Bi-weekly coaching sessions)

Pillar Three:     Runs for the full 100 day duration

Pillar One:


  • Establish your needs and set the direction of the program

Behaviour Change:

  • One on one coaching to equip you with tools for change
  • Guide you to take action and cement longstanding behavioural changes

Pillar Two:

Focused Coaching:

  • One on one coaching designed to change belief systems and deeply ingrained routines
  • A large emphasis will be placed on building resilience and a strong mind set

Pillar Three:

Video Series:

  • Bonus video series containing guided activities and tools to navigate common leadership challenges
  • Available throughout the program to support Pillar One and Two

Examples of the content in the video series include:

  • Goals – Develop a clear vision for the future
  • Values – Understand your core values and how they drive you
  • Unlock your true potential. Gain control of negative thinking forever
  • Personality assessment on strengths and playing to them
  • Learn your language and how you communicate externally and internally
  • Impulse control and problem solving foundations
  • Build resilience with strong conflict resolution
  • Leadership – Become a leader with the highest integrity
  • Leader as Coach – Develop coaching skills to empower others
  • Managing Self – Build lifelong routines and milestones

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This program is facilitated by Samantha D’Angelo - Performance Coach & Consultant.

Samantha has over 15 years of Corporate Human Resources experience on a global scale, spanning across many industries and ranging from start-up organisations to large multinationals.

Samantha’s experience spans across the full gamut of Human Resources services including; Employee Development, Performance Coaching, Leadership Coaching, Change Management, Employee Engagement, Strategic Planning, Restructuring, Employee Relations, Acquisitions and Recruitment.

Her niche, at both a strategic and operational level, is performance coaching, people development, employee engagement, team building and change management.

Samantha guides individuals to high performance in a fun and energetic way and coaches them to gain mastery over their thinking to achieve their desired outcomes.

Download Samantha's full bio and coaching testimonials.

Note: The content and structure of the program may be subject to change based on client requirements. If additional time may be required based on client requirements, this will be discussed with both the client, and where applicable, the sponsor, before any arrangements are made.

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Managers and Business Leaders