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Giving feedback is often regarded negatively. But feedback is a powerful way to engage with employees and a critical component of any performance management system.

Positive feedback endorses good performance and motivates employees to do better. Where there is a prevailing culture of positive feedback, employees are likely to be more receptive to constructive developmental feedback.

Developmental (negative) feedback gives employees the opportunity to improve when they are not meeting performance expectations. It the underperformance continues a performance improvement plan should be the next step, before disciplinary action or dismissal is considered.

This one-day program is designed to equip your team leaders, supervisors and managers with the skills they need to provide positive and developmental performance feedback and to effectively navigate the performance improvement process.

Upon completion of this program, participants should be able to:

  • Recognise the importance of a feedback culture
  • Use the STAR/AR model to provide effective feedback
  • both positive and developmental
  • Explain the reasons for poor performance
  • Determine why they (or many other leaders) avoid performance management
  • Develop SMART performance goals for their staff
  • Apply a procedurally fair performance improvement process
  • Undertake best practice in relation to record keeping

Case studies, role plays, and practical tasks are an integral component of the program to ensure participants get the most out of the day. Performance Improvement Plan checklists and templates are included in the course materials.

Note - Ai Group advocates a three-stage process for dealing with underperformance; (1) giving effective feedback, (2) utilising a performance improvement process and (3) disciplinary action. This program covers stages (1) and (2) of that process. Although it is a stand-alone program, participants will benefit from also attending our full-day Disciplinary Action Poor Performance and Misconduct program which covers stage (3).

Who should attend?

This workshop is designed for team leaders, supervisors and managers responsible for managing the performance of their team. It would also be beneficial for junior HR Practitioners responsible for dealing with performance issues.

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