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Are you feeling stuck and looking to seek external support to help you establish goals, explore opportunities, solve challenges, develop your leadership skills or perhaps grow your career openly and freely?

Our Masterclass Group Coaching Program is the ideal solution to help you in 2021. 

In this program you will establish direction, define goals, achieve outcomes and expand your mindset in a Masterclass forum that encapsulates experiential and holistic learning.

You will leverage off the enormous experience in the group from other industry professionals, to help you innovate and solve real challenges. 

Throughout the program you will:

  • Enhance your own Coach abilities
  • Set your goals and take swift action toward these
  • Be Coached on your goals and challenges by the group and a Master Coach
  • Expand your knowledge and learning
  • Gain a greater understanding of yourself and your Leadership style
  • Be accountable to the group for action and progress of your goals
  • Have unlimited access to our Leadership Video series with hours of content on common Leadership issues
  • Have access to a closed confidential chat forum outside of group sessions
  • Focus on your development

You may choose to partake as an individual, or as a team.

Program Timeframes:

This is an 8 week program, capped at 6 participants per group. 

For teams larger than 6 looking to undertake the program, contact us to discuss a customised program.

Program Structure:

The foundations of the program are:


Exploratory Theme


Setting the Foundations –
The Fundamentals of Coaching


Goal Setting & Action Planning


Relationships and Communication






Emotional Intelligence and Communication


Growth Mindset


Productivity, Reflection and Celebration


Weekly Commitment:

1 x 90 minute weekly Group Coaching session, plus out of session activities.

 Video Series

  • Participants will receive unlimited access to a large catalogue bonus Leadership video series which also covers a number of Coaching topics
  • Participants can utilise the bonus video series to support learnings and enhance program outcomes


  • No two competing companies will be placed together in the same group.
  • All participants will sign a confidentiality agreement covering the program and the group discussions. 
  • Groups must have 6 participants before they will kick off which may impact the start date of the program slightly