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It has now been over a year since the new Australian Notifiable Data Breaches (NDB) scheme and EU General Data Protection Regulation commenced, impacting many Australian businesses. In the meantime, the landscape of data breaches and cyber security threats continues to grow and evolve.

According to OAIC statistics, the highest number of incidents of data breaches in 2018 reported under the Australian NDB scheme arose from malicious or criminal attacks followed by human error. Such incidents not only disrupt a company’s operation, but there are other very real costs – customer reactions, reputational damage, and management time and focus being diverted (among other things). 

Some of these breaches may have been preventable if proper cyber security measures and data management practices were there in the first place, highlighting the need for businesses to account for these threats in their risk management plans.

In this live and interactive online event, we will be joined by cyber security expert, Nazil Dean of Sophos, to discuss current and emerging cyber threats for Australian businesses. Nazil will also share his latest practical tips on what business leaders should think about in terms of good business cyber security posture.