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Ai Group is pleased to offer Part One of an important two-part series on 'Building Better Bargaining', which will focus on key recent developments in relation to enterprise bargaining and enterprise agreement making through the Fair Work Commission.

In this live and interactive online event, two of Ai Group’s most experienced legal practitioners will outline recent cases, opportunities and tactics to build better enterprise bargaining and show you how to achieve an outcome that enhances the success of your business.

The two-part series in November 2017 will commence with Part 1 (November 8) including: 

Recent Cases and Key Legal and Industrial Issues in Bargaining

  • An identification of key recent cases which impact employer’s strategies in enterprise bargaining;
  • Legislative developments in bargaining, including key legislation currently before Parliament and the ACTU agenda in relation to the bargaining system; and
  • Emerging trends in enterprise bargaining - what the Unions want and what outcomes are being achieved.

Part 2, to be delivered later in November, will focus on:

Executing your strategic approach to enterprise bargaining to achieve better outcomes

Ai Group's team of Workplace Relations specialists and lawyers are some of the most experienced in strategic and legal solutions to enterprise bargaining disputes.

This session is essential viewing for anyone involved in planning or considering enterprise bargaining over the course of the next 12 months.