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Workplace Exposure Standards (WES) are an important consideration when managing the health and safety risks of chemicals, dusts, fumes, gases and vapours (substances) used at work or generated by work processes.

As an airborne contaminant, the level of these substances in the breathing zone of the worker must be kept below the prescribed WES. 

A review currently being undertaken by Safe Work Australia may result in the alteration of the WES for approximately 650 substances used in Australia, and the introduction of WES for 55 substances that do not currently have a WES.

This means that businesses need to review their current compliance with the relevant WES and consider the impact that changes might have on control measures, particularly if control measures need to be improved.

This webinar is designed to provide an overview of the risk management approach to managing substances, especially as airborne contaminants.  It will also outline how the review is being undertaken and how businesses should go about identifying if changes to a WES would have a significant impact on business operations.