The program is available for VICTORIAN Businesses Only.

Throughout the pandemic, Australian businesses are overcoming significant challenges from the loss of markets, cancelled orders, disrupted supply chains, increasing freight rates, rising export costs, inability to travel overseas to develop or build relationships to geopolitical uncertainties.

Why do businesses need to find innovative ways to adapt to this new environment? And what do you need to do to build a more resilient and successful export model?

If you are interested in taking a fresh approach to building your export resilience, this workshop will be for you.

This workshop will include a Special Feature on China Market Update by Victorian Government Business Offices in Greater China – providing the latest market insights and opportunities in the post-pandemic world.

This program will help you create a roadmap on what actions need to be done now, next, and later to provide a robust pathway to your successful export. You will have a better chance of doing well if you review your export strategy thoroughly to meet the changing global business environment post the pandemic world.

This interactive online workshop will cover key topics including:

  • Special Feature on China Market Update
  • Focus - where do you need to focus?
  • Findings – what are the main issues you should be looking at?
  • Opportunities – what do the findings mean, are there opportunities?
  • Challenges – what may need to be overcome to achieve your focus?
  • Roadmap – what actions are needed now, next, and later to build a robust export business?


Who should attend?

Business Owners, Senior Management Team, Export and Sales Development Team


Special Guest Speaker:

Brett Stevens, Commissioner to Greater China, Victorian Government Business Offices, Shanghai.


What is the Export Remodelling Program ?

The Ai Group Export Remodelling for Freight and Logistics Resilience Program is aimed at assisting the recovery of Victoria’s exports and help facilitate sustainable and effective support programs and partnerships to industries and sectors affected by the pandemic. The program will help improve the export capabilities of Victorian businesses and prepare them to adapt to post-COVID freight, logistics, and supply chain settings from reconfiguration of global value chains, multi-modal transportation, freight forwarding, warehousing to inventory management.

The FREE services and activities delivered for Victorian businesses include:

  • Practical and timely telephone advice and resources to support export growth.
  • Online interactive workshops to provide practical solutions to address exporters’ freight logistics and value chain challenges and disruptions and accelerate export recovery.
  • One-on-one coaching/mentoring for customised advisory services and solutions for export business model redesign and enhancement including strategy and action plan, tools, templates, and checklists.

This activity received grant funding from the State Government of Victoria.

  • Date and time

    Tue, 15 Feb 2022
    09:30 PM - 10:00 AM

  • Location
  • Cost

    Members: Free

    Non-Members: Free