Queensland and New South Wales have recently changed their approach from a requirement to attend prescribed training, to a more flexible approach (Victoria has never had prescribed training). The key requirements are now:

  • Victoria – The Coordinator must have an appropriate level of seniority and be competent.
  • New South Wales – The Coordinator must have the training, skills and experience to perform the role and functions.
  • Queensland – The Coordinator must be appropriately qualified.

This one day course is designed to enable Coordinators and their organisations to demonstrate that they have participated in training that has helped to develop the necessary skills to undertake the role. With a particular focus on the jurisdiction in which the training is being provided, this interactive course will provide:

  • A general overview of workers’ compensation eligibility and entitlements.
  • A detailed consideration of the legislative obligations associated with rehabilitation and return to work.
  • An overview of scheme operation, strategies and resources to assist in rehabilitation and return to work.
  • Insight into the practical application of contemporary research in relation to recovery and return to work.
  • Practical tips and examples to enhance the Coordinator’s role and effectiveness within the organisation.

This course is particularly appropriate for any person who has taken on the role of Return to Work Coordinator and has not attended any workers’ compensation related training ; it would also be a beneficial refresher for more experienced Coordinators.

* Legislated threshold for nomination of return to work coordinators. QLD and VIC use a remuneration (wages and salaries) threshold; at 1 July 2017, the values are: VIC – $2.337m; QLD – $3.854m for high risk industries; and 7.709m for low riss industries NSW uses a $50k basic tariff premium as the threshold (remuneration x industry rate) SA utilises number of employees in a workplace – the threshold is 30.

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