It is highly likely that, as a supervisor/manager, you will supervise an employee with a mental illness at some point in your career – whether you know it or not. Mental illness is more prevalent than many realise.

An employee may develop mental illness prior to employment or during employment. Most employees successfully manage their illness without it impacting on their work. Some may require workplace support for a short period of time, while a minority will require ongoing workplace strategies.

It is often presumed that an employee’s mental illness develops outside of the workplace. However, an ‘unhealthy’ work environment or a workplace incident can cause considerable stress and exacerbate, or contribute, to the development of mental illness.

Research indicates that ‘job stress and other work-related psychosocial hazards are emerging as the leading contributors to the burden of occupational disease and injury’.

The purpose of this topic is to establish strategies to allow participants to identify and manage workplace metal health issues with team members and to be more effective in their role of a supervisor/manager.  This session also examines the legal requirements of performance management.

Learning outcomes

At the completion of this topic, you should be able to:

  • Discuss the impact of mental health in the workplace.
  • Identify the signs that an employee may be suffering from a mental health illness.
  • Identify how supervisors/managers can address mental health problems in the workplace.
  • Identify the key principles in a performance procedure.
  • Identify and discuss legal risks.
  • Identify the process of managing poor performance.
  • Identify and discuss how to conduct a disciplinary/counselling interview.
  • Date and time

    Wed, 05 Oct 2022
    08:30 AM - 12:00 PM

  • Location
    Ai Group, Brisbane
  • Cost

    Members: $305.00

    Non-Members: $335.00