It makes good business sense that supervisors and managers be proactive in dealing with mental health issues to ensure their team members are being supported and productive at work.

The purpose of workshop to discuss proven strategies to identify and manage workplace metal health issues with team members to be more effective in their role of a supervisor/manager.

At the completion, supervisors and managers should be able to:

  • Discuss the impact of mental health in the workplace.
  • Identify common signs that an employee may be suffering from a mental health illness.
  • Identify proven strategies on how they can address mental health problems in the workplace.
  • Promote mental health awareness in the workplace and reduce the stigma attached to mental health.
  • Identify services that can be used for assisting employees’ who may be suffering from a mental illness.
  • Identify how they can look after their own mental health.

This can also be delivered as part of your own customised in-house training program. Just add this to our other topics in the “Leadership Course Creator”.

A shorter version of the program can be delivered to all your employees, please call to discuss.

Please note that this workshop is not intended as a substitute for professional mental health assessment or advice, medical or psychiatric consultation, assessment or treatment.

  • Date and time

    Thu, 07 Oct 2021
    08:30 AM - 12:00 PM

  • Location
    Ai Group, Brisbane
  • Cost

    Members: $305.00

    Non-Members: $335.00