This program is aimed at assisting the recovery of Victoria’s exports and help facilitate sustainable and effective support programs and partnerships to industries and sectors affected by the pandemic.

The program will help improve the export capabilities of Victorian businesses and prepare them to adapt to post-COVID freight, logistics and supply chain settings from reconfiguration of global value chains, multi-modal transportation, freight forwarding, warehousing to inventory management.

These are crucial for Victorian and global manufacturing, which may be complex and multilocational. Today’s global value chains require greater resilience and efficiencies in the flow of goods and services between and within countries.

The FREE services and activities delivered for Victorian businesses will include:

  • Practical and timely telephone advice and resources to support export growth. 
  • Online interactive workshops to provide practical solutions to address exporters’ freight logistics and value chain challenges and disruptions and accelerate export recovery.
  • One-on-one coaching/mentoring for customised advisory services and solutions for export business model redesign and enhancement including strategy and action plan, tools, templates, and checklists.

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The program is available for Victorian businesses only.

Ai Group will screen all inquiries or registrations before providing any services. 

Robert Murphy, Business Adviser

Dip.Eng., B.Com., M.Bus., MIIEA.

A proficient Business Adviser drawing on nearly 40 years’ experience in senior and executive roles within large national and multi-national companies, and with a demonstrated 8-year history working in the management consulting industry.

An Engineer skilled in Business Analysis and Strategic Planning, and whilst engaged directly within the industry, Rob provided leadership and guidance to local and overseas group manufacturing, held profit responsibility for export development, and oversaw the regional centre for excellence. Rob has provided advice and assistance to more than 150 SME’s over the past 8 years initially through the Entrepreneurs’ Program and more recently as a private practitioner


    Past Series Workshops

    Series 1 Workshop: 31 August 2021

    The Future of Doing Business in a Global Environment – What’s happening and What Does it Mean for Your Business Models.

    This interactive online workshop will cover topics including:

    • What’s happening? There has been a global shift to geopolitical rather than economic logic.
    • The four major trends driving this shift are:
      1. Structural shifts in the international system, including US-China strategic competition
      2. Growing global dissatisfaction and distrust
      3. Technology disruption and Industrial Revolution 4.0
      4. Climate crisis
    • What are the implications for business, including risks and opportunities?

    This event has concluded. If you are interested in accessing materials from this workshop, please email your details to:

    Series 2 Workshop: 28 September 2021

    Learn how to manage your global supply chains & logistics for export resilience

    If you are interested in building your competencies to enable you to better manage your supply chains, freight, and logistics for your export markets, this event will be for you. This interactive workshop will share some of the most important aspects of managing your supply chains and logistics risks. You will leave with the confidence to look at your processes with a new sense of understanding and clarity and this will lead you to do business globally more successfully.

    This interactive online workshop will cover topics including:

    • Managing your global supply chains in the current COVID environment
    • Issues to manage because of delayed logistics
    • Bridging the gap between demand and supply
    • Leveraging Free Trade Agreements to optimise your supply chain
    • Why strategy is important for supply chain resilience

    This event has concluded. If you are interested in accessing materials from this workshop, please email your details to:

    Series 3 Workshop: 20 October 2021

    Take a fresh approach to building your export resilience by creating a solid, well-structured export strategy tailored to your business.

    This program will help you to create a roadmap that lays out your business proposal and the route to your successful export activities in the global markets. It is time to review your export business and steer your business management, keep your export strategy, and action plan alive and updated, and watch your business grow.

    This workshop aims to help you revisit and develop your export business goals, necessary resources, and expected results. You will have a better chance of doing well if you review and plan your export business thoroughly to meet the changing global business environment..

    This interactive online workshop will cover topics including:

    • Identifying and narrowing your gaps
    • Reviewing your export potential
    • Developing your unique selling proposition
    • Re-evaluating your routes to market entry
    • Researching Your Markets
    • Developing an Action Plan, Next Steps and Implementation

    This event has concluded. If you are interested in accessing materials from this workshop, please email your details to:

    Series 4 Workshop: 16 November 2021

    Series 4 – Workshop: 16 November 2021

    Developing and Entering New Global Markets Online

    It’s easy for people to forget about your brand if you don’t consistently communicate. But what do you say? How often should you be saying it? Who should you be speaking to? And on what channels and platforms? Do you have a communication plan that addresses existing and new global markets?

    Remodelling your marketing and communication strategy ahead of 2022 is crucial. Why? Because customer expectations have changed, digital communication is prolific and attention spans are contracting. So, your business needs to cut through.

    This interactive online workshop will cover topics including:

    • Segmentation - customers and markets
    • Website self-audit
    • Brand self-audit
    • Content self-audit
    • Best online social media channels and other platforms for your global business
    • A marketing communication play book to develop your plan ready for the new year

    Series 5 Workshop: 15 February 2022

    Series 5 – Workshop: 15 February 2022

    Finding export opportunities in a post-pandemic world

    Throughout the pandemic, Australian businesses are overcoming significant challenges from the loss of markets, cancelled orders, disrupted supply chains, increasing freight rates, rising export costs, inability to travel overseas to develop or build relationships to geopolitical uncertainties.

    Why do businesses need to find innovative ways to adapt to this new environment? And what do you need to do to build a more resilient and successful export model?

    If you are interested in taking a fresh approach to building your export resilience, this workshop will be for you.

    This workshop will include a Special Feature on China Market Update by Victorian Government Business Offices in Greater China – providing the latest market insights and opportunities in the post-pandemic world.

    This program will help you create a roadmap on what actions need to be done now, next, and later to provide a robust pathway to your successful export. You will have a better chance of doing well if you review your export strategy thoroughly to meet the changing global business environment post the pandemic world.

    This interactive online workshop will cover key topics including:

    • Special Feature on China Market Update
    • Focus - where do you need to focus?
    • Findings – what are the main issues you should be looking at?
    • Opportunities – what do the findings mean, are there opportunities?
    • Challenges – what may need to be overcome to achieve your focus?
    • Roadmap – what actions are needed now, next, and later to build a robust export business?

    Series 6 - Workshop: 28 April 2022

    Cyber Security Readiness for Exporting Businesses

    The world is experiencing an unprecedented transformation as relationships between businesses and their customers and stakeholders take place in an increasingly digitised environment.

    For exporting businesses, understanding the cybersecurity expectations, obligations, and requirements for cybersecurity in different countries is increasingly critical. It is also increasingly difficult to manage if you don’t have processes in place to help. Proactively improving your compliance to international cybersecurity standards can also help turn your investment into protecting your business from cyber threats into a growth tool.

    This module will focus on:

    • an overview of the common international cybersecurity standards and requirements - and how they are different country-to-country
    • advancing business understanding of the needs, requirements, and issues around cyber security
    • understanding the impact of cybersecurity threats
    • developing ways to adapt business models and protocols to account for cybersecurity in international trading environments.

    This interactive online workshop will cover key topics including:

    • Introduction to Cybersecurity for SMEs in global business
    • Overview of varying cybersecurity standards and procurement processes
    • Improvement of cybersecurity standards and protocols
    • Organisational change, leading to a culture
    • Social media and online scams protection
    • GDPR compliance
    • Practical steps businesses can take to improve cybersecurity resilience

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