While Vietnam presents enormous growth potential for Australia, many small and regional businesses are not benefitting from these opportunities due to a lack of skills, knowledge, capability, and practical advice. 

Ai Group Australia-Vietnam Global Engagement Roadmap helps you get-started, expand and/or diversify your exports and supply chains to Vietnam. The program activities are designed to increase your skills, capabilities, and networks to engage with Vietnam. Through participation in the program, you will be able to build more resilient exports through market diversification to Vietnam, benefiting your business longer-term stability and growth.

Industry Feedback on Vietnam

With an aim to give us a better understanding on what businesses may need to give them the confidence to engage with Vietnam, we surveyed over 100 businesses to develop the Australia-Vietnam Global Engagement Roadmap to increase two-way trade, business and investment between Vietnam and Australia.

Over 54% of the respondents are currently doing business or planning to do business with Vietnam.

Some of the challenges they face include:

  • Identifying potential business partners
  • Market access issues including tariff and non-tariff barriers
  • Sourcing & supply chain management
  • Products/services not competitive (local & international competition)
  • Language & cultural issues

For those not currently doing business in Vietnam, reasons include:

  • Lack of knowledge, skills, or resources about the Vietnam market
  • Difficulty identifying potential partners
  • Lack of access to relevant market information and real opportunities relevant to my industry sector

The top 5 things to help bussiness increase their confidence in doing business with Vietnam were identified as:

  1. Information on pricing, distribution, supply chain, payments, and culture
  2. Advice on local agents and partners
  3. Support to develop my Vietnam market strategy and implementation plan
  4. Information on emerging opportunities in specific industries
  5. Information and advice including IP protection, tariff & non-tariff barriers

Online Skills Training Workshop to support business growth & engagement with Vietnam

Having the right resources and skills is vital for a successful Vietnam export strategy. We will facilitate a series of online training programs so that you and your team can develop your own plan to grow your exports and increase your business engagement with Vietnam. Up to 8 interactive online workshops will be delivered over the program.

Past Series

Series 1: 10 August 2021

Chart your route to Vietnam with a business strategy to grow exports or find new channels to market

Global geopolitical uncertainty and the pandemic are forcing many Australian businesses to rethink business strategies, investment plans, and operations. If you are interested in taking a fresh look at Vietnam as an alternative export market destination or supply chain partner, this workshop will be for you.

This event has concluded, check back soon for the next series.

You can access the Series 1 learning materials through the Online Knowledge Centre by submitting your Expression of Interest here.

Series 2: 7 September 2021

Learn how to manage your supply chains, transport, and logistics and increase your efficiency and capability to do business with Vietnam.

When doing business with Vietnam, many businesses are faced with overwhelming, competing for challenges and uncharted waters as they continue to navigate the impacts of COVID-19. Understanding and managing transport, logistics, and supply chains are critical to enhancing your competitiveness in this market.

This event has concluded, check back soon for the next series.

You can access the Series 2 learning materials through the Online Knowledge Centre by submitting your Expression of Interest here.

Series 3: 7 October 2021

Learn about Vietnam’s Manufacturing Capability to Enhance your Global Supply/Value Chains

As supply chain diversification becomes the name of the game, Vietnam is looking like an attractive alternative for many businesses.

As the COVID-19 pandemic laid bare the need for businesses to diversify supply chains, there has been a rise in manufacturers and distributors seeking diversification in their value chains. Some Asian countries including Vietnam have put forward plans to attract overseas investment as companies look for diversified centres of production and distribution. Vietnam has been a key part of the “China plus one” manufacturing strategy and an emerging manufacturing destination in its own right.

You can access the Series 3 learning materials through the Online Knowledge Centre by submitting your Expression of Interest here.

Series 4: 28 October 2021

Learn how to take advantage of Free Trade Agreements to grow your business with Vietnam

With globalisation comes a new era of trade, and Australia’s Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) with Vietnam make it easier than ever before for businesses to grow their revenue and become global brands in this market.

With the expansion of its considerable middle class, Vietnam is now home to a rapidly growing consumer goods market.

Demands in infrastructure, healthcare, agriculture, and consumer goods are also creating business opportunities that appeal directly to many businesses keen to market their products to the 98-million people economy.

In this online workshop, you will learn:

  • How to identify your competitive advantages with Vietnam
  • How and where your industry fits into the market
  • What is your unique position under these FTAs
  • How to position your exports against global competitors
  • Tools and resources to support your FTA journey

You can access the Series 4 learning materials through the Online Knowledge Centre by submitting your Expression of Interest here.

Series 5 - 1 December 2021

Learn how to tap into the Vietnamese consumer market and carve your strategy to boost your sales to Vietnam

After decades of economic reform, Vietnam has transformed into one of the most dynamic emerging markets in the Asian region; making doing business in Vietnam an attractive market for many Australian businesses.

If you have Vietnam on your map and are interested in taking a fresh look at Vietnam as an alternative export market destination or supply chain partner, this workshop will be for you.

With a large, young population, expanding middle class and urbanised consumers, and growing appetite for Australian goods and services, Vietnam offers many exciting opportunities for many businesses.

The Vietnam economy has undertaken tremendous reform, making doing business in Vietnam more efficient.

This was supported by a series of sectors being driven by government investment in which Australia has opportunities, including agribusiness, mining, pharmaceuticals, and infrastructure.

This workshop is aimed at helping you to understand your target market segments, define your business goals and entry strategy for Vietnam and will cover topics including:

  • Why Vietnam?
  • Vietnamese consumer market trends
  • Who are the Vietnamese consumers?
  • Where are the opportunities for Australian businesses?
  • Tapping into the Vietnamese consumer market - Where do I start?
  • Next steps to your Vietnam market strategy

Series 6 - 17 February 2022

Vietnam Market Update for 2022 - Learn how to boost your business engagements with Vietnam in 2022

2021 has been another remarkable year for Vietnam. Despite pandemic measures, lockdowns, and travel restrictions, Vietnam has welcomed more than US$26.5 billion of foreign investment in the first 11 months of 2021 while adding the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP), the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP), and more to its Free Trade Agreement (FTA) list.

With a solid vision for the future, Vietnam has created a concrete foundation to bounce back stronger in 2022 (the government targets GDP growth of 6 to 6.5 percent). Among other measures, with the amendment of a variety of important laws that help improve its business climate.

To help Australian businesses better understand the key developments of the Vietnamese FDI environment and capitalize on the emerging opportunities in Vietnam, the workshop will provide insight and guidance for Australian enterprises to consider for their business development and expansion in the new year, covering topics including:

  • Business environment and outlook: key updates on COVID-19 emergency in Vietnam, immigration policies and future trajectories, the status of the economy, and investment in the country
  • Market update: illustrating key business opportunities in Vietnam for Australian exporters, briefing on specific industries/sectors of interest.
  • Market barriers: what Australian enterprises should do to do business in Vietnam for the export of goods and services or sell directly into the local market.

Series 7 - 5 April 2022

Understanding Vietnamese Business Culture 

Cultural Understanding and Global Thinking in Business – Doing Business with Vietnam 

As the global marketplace becomes more accessible and your business continues to expand into the global markets, understanding the importance of culture in business can go a long way in furthering your company’s goals in Vietnam.

Understanding cultural differences can provide telling insights and help to facilitate conversations and negotiations. While some confusion can often lead to amusing misunderstandings, it can also make a serious impact on your business relationships.

Have you wondered how you can access the untapped potential opportunities for your business in the Vietnamese market?


The workshop will cover contents including:

  • Vietnam overview:
    • How economic and geographic factors influence Vietnamese culture
    • The impacts of collectivism and social structure on social behaviours
    • The core characteristics of Vietnamese people’s mentality
  • Vietnamese culture in business relationships and interactions:
    • The concept of “face”
    • Social hierarchy and company hierarchy
    • Building business relationships
    • Business meeting culture & decision-making process
    • Business entertainment
    • Business negotiation and decision-making process
    • Consumer structure – including consumption patterns
    • Other cultural factors and common misconceptions

This online workshop aims to help you understand the cultural differences and enable you to develop successful relationships in Vietnam.

Series 8 - 18 May 2022

Increase Your Competitiveness to Do Business with Vietnam 

How to manage and determine your export pricing strategy and increase your competitiveness to do business with Vietnam.

Your business is likely to face tougher competition in Vietnam than you’re used to in the Australian market. Competitor analysis provides invaluable insights into the Vietnam market dynamics by benchmarking your business again similar companies operating in the market. Understanding and managing your costs, preferential tariff, pricing, freight and logistics components, Incoterms and payment terms, are critical to enhancing your competitiveness in this market. 

In this interactive workshop, Mark Coleman shared some of the most important aspects of managing your product costings, freight and logistics, and payment risks and analysing your competition. He provided you with the confidence to look at export-import processes with a new sense of understanding and clarity and this will lead you to do business with Vietnam more successfully.

Workshop content:

This interactive online workshop covered topics including:

  • Use of Incoterms 2020 in your international transactions
  • How to calculate your export costs
  • Know your margins and markups
  • Determine your pricing strategy
  • Understand your market competition
  • Payment Methods including use of Letter of Credit

This online workshop aimed to help you understand the cultural differences and enable you to develop successful relationships in Vietnam.

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This activity received funding from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade as part of the Australia-Vietnam Enhanced Economic Engagement Grant Program 2021.

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