While Vietnam presents enormous growth potential for Australia, many small and regional businesses are not benefitting from these opportunities due to a lack of skills, knowledge, capability, and practical advice. 

Ai Group Australia-Vietnam Global Engagement Roadmap helps you get-started, expand and/or diversify your exports and supply chains to Vietnam. The program activities are designed to increase your skills, capabilities, and networks to engage with Vietnam. Through participation in the program, you will be able to build more resilient exports through market diversification to Vietnam, benefiting your business longer-term stability and growth.

Industry Feedback on Vietnam

Tell us what help you may need to expand your exports or supply chains with Vietnam. Your responses will be used to prepare a national roadmap to increase Australia’s exports and business engagements with Vietnam.   

Completing this short survey will give us a better understanding what services and information you would like to see offered to Australian companies doing business with Vietnam. To help drive improved trade, business, and investment outcomes for Australian businesses, please complete the survey below.

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Online Skills Training Workshop to support business growth & engagement with Vietnam

Having the right resources and skills is vital for a successful Vietnam export strategy. We will facilitate a series of online training programs so that you and your team can develop your own plan to grow your exports and increase your business engagement with Vietnam. Up to 8 interactive online workshops will be delivered over the program.

Series 1: 10 August 2021

Chart your route to Vietnam with a business strategy to grow exports or find new channels to market

Global geopolitical uncertainty and the pandemic are forcing many Australian businesses to rethink business strategies, investment plans, and operations. If you are interested in taking a fresh look at Vietnam as an alternative export market destination or supply chain partner, this workshop will be for you.

This event has concluded, check back soon for the next series.

You can access the Series 1 learning materials through the Online Knowledge Centre by submitting your Expression of Interest here.

Series 2: 7 September 2021 from 11am to 1pm AEST

Learn how to manage your supply chains, transport, and logistics and increase your efficiency and capability to do business with Vietnam.

When doing business with Vietnam, many businesses are faced with overwhelming, competing for challenges and uncharted waters as they continue to navigate the impacts of COVID-19. Understanding and managing transport, logistics, and supply chains are critical to enhancing your competitiveness in this market.

This event has concluded, check back soon for the next series.

You can access the Series 2 learning materials through the Online Knowledge Centre by submitting your Expression of Interest here.

Series 3: 7 October 2021 from 2 to 3.30 pm AEST

Learn about Vietnam’s Manufacturing Capability to Enhance your Global Supply/Value Chains

As supply chain diversification becomes the name of the game, Vietnam is looking like an attractive alternative for many businesses.

As the COVID-19 pandemic laid bare the need for businesses to diversify supply chains, there has been a rise in manufacturers and distributors seeking diversification in their value chains. Some Asian countries including Vietnam have put forward plans to attract overseas investment as companies look for diversified centres of production and distribution. Vietnam has been a key part of the “China plus one” manufacturing strategy and an emerging manufacturing destination in its own right.


Vietnam Online Knowledge Centre is now LIVE

Designed to provide you online export learning modules and resources to develop skills and capability, identify your skills gaps, improve your export operation and strategy with 24/7 access and learn at your own pace.

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This activity received funding from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade as part of the Australia-Vietnam Enhanced Economic Engagement Grant Program 2021.

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