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A clean, organised and safe workplace is essential to worker health and safety with regular scheduled inspections an integral component of a Risk Management Program. 

Regularly inspecting the workplace also assists in maintaining good housekeeping standards and ensures that critical requirements are met, such as keeping emergency exits and equipment clear and keeping walkways clear of slip and trip hazards.

Supervisor training should include conducting effective workplace inspections so they understand what the expectations are, and how to engage workers in the process. 

An organisation should check their Risk Register for issues that require monitoring (such as machine guarding) and add these to its Workplace Inspection Checklist. 

This Workplace Inspection Checklist  should be used at least monthly to ensure work areas are clean, well-organised and safe. Please insert new items and/or delete items that are not relevant.

Ai Group can assist organisations in developing or improving their Risk Management Program to ensure a safe and health work environment.

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