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A completed and regularly reviewed risk register will assist an organisation to demonstrate that it has met its primary obligation to identify, assess and control risk in the workplace.

The risk register is a key component of a Risk Management Program, and informs:

  • the monitoring and review processes for the organisation to ensure that controls are effective and are being complied with; and
  • the training program to ensure workers have the necessary skills to work safely around hazards.

The risk register may be used during induction to ensure new workers and contractors are made aware of the hazards associated with their work and work areas, and the controls in place to reduce their risk of injury.

The risk register should be reviewed following an incident/injury to assist in determining any failures of the existing controls and additional controls which are required to prevent recurrence. Complex hazards and high risk activities should be assessed in consultation with workers and others as necessary, to determine appropriate controls.

Ai Group can assist organisations in developing or improving their Risk Management Program to ensure that they are effectively identifying hazards and controlling risks to workers and others at your workplace.

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