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A training plan is essential to demonstrate that the organisation is meeting its health and safety obligations regarding the provision of instruction, training and supervision of workers.

The training plan should be developed after reviewing position descriptions within the organisation. This will identify the roles that have competency requirements to be met (i.e. training in safe operating procedures), roles with specific responsibilities (e.g. inspections, discipline, conducting meetings, incident investigations) and roles with critical capabilities (e.g. fire warden, emergency control organisation member, first aid officer).

Once these training requirements have been established, the Risk Register should be reviewed to ensure that training is undertaken where it has been nominated as risk control measure (eg safe lifting training, safe use of chemicals training, bullying and harassment). The training plan should be reviewed at least annually against the position descriptions and risk register to ensure that it remains current. Workers should be updated on any changes to the training plan.

Ai Group can assist organisations in conducting a training needs analysis to determine your training needs as well as developing training programs to suit your specific workplace and hazards.

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