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Job Safety Analysis (JSA) assists in identifying hazards and risk controls for a  work task.  It considers the safest way to complete the task to minimise the risk of injury to workers.  Once hazards are identified, tasks and the way we do activities can be changed to eliminate the risk of injury to workers. This form should be used for tasks that do not have an existing work instruction or safe work procedure.  It can also be used to review the existing work instructions or safe work procedures, to ensure they are effective in preventing injuries.

This form should NOT be used for high risk construction activities – these activities require a Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) to be completed. A JSA should involve all employees involved in the activity, not just the principal contractor or supervisor.  If a JSA is being completed for tasks undertaken regularly, organsiations should consider developing a safe work instruction, or similar.  Once an agreed safe work procedure is in place, workers should be trained in the process and their understanding confirmed.

Ai Group can assist businesses to determine their risk management needs, and in developing documents to support workers such as safe work instructions, SWMS and safe operating procedures.

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