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When a workplace incident occurs  it is important to remain calm and work through the organisation's Incident Management Program. If the incident is rated as medium risk or above an Incident Investigation Form needs to be completed after completing an Incident Report Form.

Members who are not sure if an investigation is required or have any other concerns following an incident may call the Workplace Advice Line on 1300 55 66 77 for further assistance.

This Incident Investigation Form is to used to record events immediately prior, during and after the incident and to determine causative factors so that corrective actions can be implemented to prevent a recurrence.

A manager or supervisor should be assigned to conduct the investigation and may require assistance from the work health and safety advisor/manager, health and safety representatives and others in the work place. Witnesses should be interviewed promptly to increase the accuracy of their statements.

Incident investigation training should be considered for supervisors and team leaders to ensure that the correct processes are followed and that contributing factors can be effectively identified. This is key to ensure that the corrective actions implemented reduce the risk of the incident occurring again.

Ai Group can assist you with providing coaching to supervisors and managers in effective incident investigation techniques.

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