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When undertaking a redundancy selection process, a situation might arise where a pool of employees are performing the same or similar work and there is no longer a need for some of these roles. Employers are advised to initially use the Redundancy Selection Criteria Matrix developed by Ai Group to consider which employees have the required skills and will be retained and which employees may have their employment terminated due to redundancy.

Once the Redundancy Selection Criteria Matrix has been completed, the Redundancy Selection Criteria Matrix - Total Scores Compilation table can be used to enter the total scores of employees to give them a ranking.

The ranking should be completed once all employee names and total scores have been entered. A ranking of 1 should be given to the employee with the highest score and then 2, 3 etc.

Note: It is recommended that the employer enter all the required details and that a second check is performed to ensure the ranking is accurate.

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