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At the outset of the selection process a clear set of key selection criteria should be confirmed. These are normally based on the knowledge, skills and abilities essential or desirable for the role. These may also have been established at the start of the recruitment process, for example, in the development or review of the Position Description or for the Job Advert.

This form should be used to document the key selection criteria to be used during the selection process, including the selection methods which are believed to assist in the identification of meeting the required criteria. For example, where excellent written communication is a key selection criterion, an appropriate selection method may be a written work test.

Please note that the selection methods listed here are only examples; the organisation should determine which are appropriate in the circumstances.

If the organisation has an HR Department, ideally they should be consulted in the use of selection methods, as, for example, there may be associated costs and the use of preferred external suppliers. They should also be able to advise on the time required to conduct the selection methods (some can be quite lengthy and may therefore extend the length of time getting to an offer of employment). They may also be able to advise on the relative success or validity of the various selection methods available in relation to the role.

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