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Since 1 August 2018, employees covered by modern awards have access to 5 days’ unpaid family and domestic violence (FDV) per year. The federal government has introduced a bill to introduce an entitlement to FDV leave into the Fair Work Act 2009.

If passed, the bill will extend the entitlement to FDV leave to all employees, not only those covered by modern awards. Paid family and domestic violence (FDV) leave does not exist as workplace leave entitlement unless it is provided for in an enterprise agreement, employment contract or an employer’s own policy and practice.

Many employers are now moving to create formal policies and practices addressing the support needs of employees suffering from FDV and the workplace health and safety implications for the employee and broader workplace.

This sample policy is designed to both inform and educate the workplace about the issues but also to provide guidance for an employer experiencing issues arising from FDV in the workplace both at an individual and workplace level.

It also provides for counselling and disciplinary action in circumstances in which FDV is being perpetuated within the workplace or an employee is using company time and resources to perpetuate FDV outside of the workplace.

Employers who currently have an enterprise agreement with a FDV clause should ensure that any FDV Policy adopted in the workplace reflects that clause.

This policy is a sample only. Employers should seek advice from Ai Group in tailoring this policy to the needs of the organisation. Please call our Workplace Advice Line on 1300 55 66 77 for further assistance.

Guidance notes and instructions are shown italicised.

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15/11/2019This policy has undergone a periodic review. No significant changes have been made.




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