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This spreadsheet tool can be used to complete a Training Needs Analysis (TNA) for some or all employees of the organisation.

Steps for Completion

  1. Payroll/HR may pre-populate the template with the employee name, employee number, job group and location.  
  2. The organisation should determine the relevant competencies, skills or qualifications relevant to the workforce and insert these details in the relevant columns.  
  3. The TNA can then be sent to each manager/supervisor to complete in relation to their teams. Drop down options are available to choose from.
  4. HR can then compile the responses into one TNA for the entire business and use the data for a number of purposes, such as to inform workforce planning and determine, plan and budget  for the organisations learning and development needs.


Once the TNA  is completed it will give the organisation a detailed picture of each employees' competency and training needs, as well as departmental/organisational needs.

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