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The National Employment Standards (NES) are a set of 10 basic minimum entitlements that were introduced by the Fair Work Act 2009.

The NES must be provided to all employees currently under the national workplace relations system regardless of the award, registered agreement or employment contract that applies.

For the private sector, the national workplace relations system applies to all states and territories other than Western Australia, where non-constitutional corporations, such as sole traders, partnerships and other non-incorporated employers remain covered under a state industrial relations system.

Casual employees only eligible for the following NES entitlements:

  • unpaid carer’s leave
  • unpaid compassionate leave
  • community service leave
  • the Fair Work Information Statement
  • long service leave in some states and territories
  • requests for flexible working arrangements*
  • parental leave*

* For casuals employed on a regular and systematic basis for at least 12 months and there is an expectation of ongoing work. 

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