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Under the Fair Work Act 2009, an employer must give each employee a pay slip within one day of being paid.

A pay slip may be given to an employee in hard copy form or in an electronic form, provided it is issued to them.  It is not enough for an employer to simply generate the pay slips and store them on a database.

The Fair Work Ombudsman has issued best practice guidelines on electronic pay slips as follows:

  • they should be issued securely and confidentially
  • an employee should be able to access and print their pay slip in private
  • they should be issued in a form that is easily printable.

Regardless of the format a pay slip must contain details of all payments, deductions, superannuation contributions, and the details of any payments made under the Government Paid Parental Leave scheme.  Strict penalties apply for failing to comply with these requirements.

Specifically a pay slip must include the items listed in the Content of Pay Slips Checklist.

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Date Update
09/12/2019 This checklist has undergone a periodic review. No significant changes have been made.





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