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Ai Group is continually publishing new Coronavirus (COVID-19) advice and resources for employers. See our dedicated Coronavirus COVID-19 webpage for member advice, industry news and resources to ensure you stay up-to-date with the latest information.

Specific HR Resource Centre and Health & Safety Resource Centre content to assist members during the COVID-19 pandemic is listed below. For easy access, resources are separated into 'new' and 'existing' tables: 

NEW COVID-19 resources


Release Date


Q&A 1 April Managing mental health FAQs
Q&A 31 March COVID-19: Redundancy FAQs
Letter 31 March Agreement to Vary Ordinary Hours (Temporary Arrangement) Letter
Summary 31 March How to Successfully Recruit Remotely During COVID-19
Q&A 30 March Taking of long service leave in advance
Checklist 30 March How to Deliver Bad News Well
Q&A 27 March Stand down or slow down?
Checklist 27 March Working from Home Self Assessment Checklist
Summary 27 March Key Skills Every Leader Needs in a Crisis
Q&A 26 March Reducing employee hours from full time to part time
Summary 26 March Ten tips for working from home
Summary 25 March How to keep your remote workforce culture strong
Summary 24 March How to effectively communicate with employees about COVID-19
Q&A 20 March Making the most out of a remote 1 on 1
Summary 19 March Ten tips to successfully lead a remote team
Summary 19 March How to make the most of remote meetings 
Q&A 18 March COVID-19: Annual and personal/carer's leave
Q&A 9 March Can masks help reduce the spread of COVID-19?


EXISTING COVID-19 resources



Policy Sample Working From Home Policy
Policy Sample Flexible Working Arrangements Policy
Article Stand down under the Fair Work Act 2009

Personal/carer's leave

Article Redundancy selection process
Template Redundancy Selection Criteria Matrix  
Template Redundancy Selection Criteria Matrix - Total Scores Compilation 
Checklist Redundancy Consultation Checklist  
Template Redundancy Conversation (First Meeting) Script 
Template Redundancy Conversation - Notice of Termination (Final Meeting) Script 
Template Agreement to Take Annual Leave in Advance Form
Checklist Workstation Setup Checklist   
Summary Key Tips to Support Employees Through Organisational Change 
Toolbox Talk Mental health at work
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