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Using Online Tools to Develop Strategies and Grow Sales

There are many online tools that can assist in developing your business. Many identify themselves as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) products. They can help you to identify gaps, upcoming and current trends in your industry and give ideas on how to best market online via blogs, websites or social media such as LinkedIn and Facebook. Below is a list of some different online tools that are a great place to start.

AnswerThePublic is an online tool (free and paid versions, please note that the geographic location is locked to UK in free version) that collates google search autocomplete terms relevant to your entered keyword. It creates infographics and data lists based on questions, prepositions, comparisons and alphabetical associated search terms. You can save the infographics (they will be watermarked in the free version) or download a CSV excel file with a list of the data. It is an ideal tool for brainstorming topics and frequently asked questions (FAQs) for your marketing needs (LinkedIn and Facebook content such as white papers, infographics, videos, articles).


Ubersuggest is an online tool that has several different functions. It can give you an overview of your keyword including search statistics and an estimate of the cost to have a google ad at the top of the search results.

In the keyword ideas section, you can view suggested and related keywords, as well as questions and prepositions of your original keyword. Expanding the section also allows you to see what websites are ranking highest on the google search for your keyword, with a variety of metrics.

In the content ideas section can give you an overview of topics that are circulated on social media (currently only Facebook and Pintrest) with estimates of the number of shares, visits and incoming hyperlinks from other websites (backlinks) each of the idea listings has.

The other major feature of Ubersuggest is its Traffic Analyzer feature. If you enter your domain (or a competitor’s) it can give you an overview of the website’s number of backlinks, monthly traffic from Google, it’s SEO keyword rankings (for keywords that appear in the first 100 google search results), the site’s top pages and top keywords filtered by country.

Soovle is a free tool that allows you to view the top results for a keyword from an array of search websites including Google, Bing, Yahoo!, YouTube and It can be used to brainstorm related topics and FAQs.


Keyword Tool
Keyword Tool has free and paid versions and is another option for looking at keywords that runs off autocomplete data. In this case you can see suggestions based off multiple websites, from Google, YouTube and Bing, through to Twitter and Instagram. It provides results from search engines as keyword suggestions, common questions and prepositions, and for the results from Twitter and Instagram offers hashtags and people (Instagram only). In the free version you can set your country, filter your results and add negative keywords to refine your search, and export the results to excel.


Keyword Surfer
Keyword Surfer is a free extension for the Google chrome browser that displays the search volumes for similar keywords and related searches. It also displays charts with the number of backlinks and estimated traffic for the results on the page in your google search. The full Surfer product is a paid SEO product.


Shaping Tomorrow
Shaping Tomorrow   has free and paid versions and is a tool that uses an Artificial Intelligence (Athena) to collate, analyse and forecast data, from open source online material and useful subscription sites. Their source information is assessed against several creditability factors, and the company has a well-documented Source assurance policy published on their website.

You can browse information on ‘Megatrends’ (topics such as Biodiversity, Cybersecurity, Sustainability, etc.) and search through their extensive database for specific topics. The free access allows you to view trends, Causes, Consequences, Solutions and Driving Forces for search results.

Paid access allows use of Forecasts, Metrics (including data visualisation), Tools (e.g. Causal Layered Analysis) and the Intelligence features.


Google Analytics
Google offers their basic Analytics package free, and a premium paid service. Google’s product features tools for reporting on customer interactions, data visualisation, data management. One such reporting tool is their Behaviour report tool, that can help you to understand what pages on your website are best engaging your audience, helping to further develop content for your website or social media marketing collateral.

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