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Specialises in:

  • Advising start-ups to large SMEs
  • Strategic business plans and execution,
  • Value Proposition
  • Responsibility-Accountability- Authority Propagator
  • Continuous Improvement Projects and LEAN
  • Changing culture
  • Business Turn Arounds
  • Business financial analysis and foundations for profitability, costings, cashflow
  • Project Management, Plant layouts, Process Optimization
  • Conversion to running by Self Directed/ Self- managed TEAMs.
  • Mentoring all levels- shop floor to Senior Managers,
  • Coaching & Training on Operational Excellence & Certificates I to IV
  • Restructuring into flatter organizations.
  • Manufacturing management ; Procurement, Inventory, Planning, Engineering, Quality, Warehouse, Safety.
  • Capital funding and grants
  • R & D tax Incentive

Achievements over 39 years senior management in food, pet food, confectionary, health foods, medical devices, healthcare products, oil, plastics and chemicals, spread across as board member, reviving of an own small company in partnership, transforming larger loss making businesses of global icons, implementing best practices in manufacturing, business development, consulting to Australian & global companies, representing USA technology companies in Australia and technology transfer projects in Malaysia, India and Mexico.

Vineet has the technical and leadership strengths for organizational transformations, improving business growth, increasing profits, reducing costs and waste, developing people to achieve "HIGHER", turning around morale and businesses, improving safety, influencing cultural change for continuous improvement and setting up Self-Managed Teams, teaching and mentoring senior manager to set and execute strategies across the organizations.

As an Adviser / Facilitator, Vineet helps businesses also to expand markets, take advantage of Gov. incentives, grants and assistance, running networking groups for alliance and collaboration across the SMEs.

Vineet is a qualified Mechanical Engineer, holds an MBA, a PG Dip in Quality Management, as well as being a TAE40110 qualified trainer and a mentor.

Key areas of skill & expertise

Strategy and Planning Productivity Improvement Leadership and Culture Growing Sales Process Improvement and Lean Sourcing, Supply Chains and Alliances Environmental and Energy Management

Case Studies

  • Influenced and brought about culture changes in four different locations/ organisations- changing culture from autocratic to Team Based and forming TQM/TPM teams.
  • Used business diagnostic and bench marking to work out the strategy and Turnaround of a loss-making plant within 1.5 years. Resolve serious Morale and injury issues with reduction in work cover premium & rehabilitation of a large number of workforces.
  • Empowered Teams to Problem Solve and establish a culture of Continuous Improvement programmes - resulting in submission of 39 CI projects at one, (including 200% improvements on one line alone), removal of a serious customer’s backorder problem at another, Improving Overhead Recovery by 24% at another etc.
  • Increase Throughputs mainly by multi-skilling: a) 15% & 25% average per annum, b)over 50% in one section, c) run at almost double throughput at the last role, d) Executed strategy to achieve throughput of Three Times usual volume
  • “Mentor" as recognised by LAA/APICS. Run Supply Chain Mentoring for LAA/APICS for Victoria for 2011. Mentor a senior Operations Manager amongst others.
  • Organised & presented papers in National & International Seminars- including papers in Confectionary Manufacturers Assoc. (CMA), a paper on Wireless App. Protocol (WAP) while representing Cellmania and presentation on OEE status in Australia in Monash University.
  • Conducted over 100 Seminars & Workshops on Petroleum science and optimum utilisation.
  • Technology Transfer capital projects completed in Malaysia and India. Part of a McKinsey driven Global Review Consolidation Team at Mexico. Lean Team member (Fyna).
  • Part of Team to set up a CI culture at a Global giant group. Facilitating Continuous Improvement Teams set up under the Integrated Lean Six Sigma Programme being implemented there.

Government Funded Consultant - Entrepreneurs' Programme

The Entrepreneurs' Programme provides eligible SMEs with free expert advice and grant funding to improve business growth and competitiveness, solve R&D and technology needs and improve capability to participate in domestic and global supply chains.

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