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 Melbourne, VIC | TAS | WA

Tim has spent more than 20 years in operational and general management roles and has extensive experience in both Project Management and Process Improvement.

He started out in the 80’s implementing TQM techniques such as control charts and design of experiments before graduating to lean manufacturing consulting.

He has successfully assisted customers to eliminate waste by improving flow, implementing pull systems, providing the stability of quality principles, and preventing overproduction and waste. These have been applied in both greenfield and brownfield sites.

During his career, Tim was responsible for major operational changes including complex multi-site amalgamations, ERP system implementations, plant relocations and integrating mergers and acquisitions. He was also responsible for establishing and refining complex international supply chains.

Since establishing TXM he has built a strong reputation for high-quality project management and his extensive lean supply chain expertise.


Key areas of skill & expertise

Strategy and Planning Productivity Improvement Leadership and Culture Growing Sales Process Improvement and Lean Adopting New Technologies International Business Sourcing, Supply Chains and Alliances Environmental & Energy Management

Case Studies

Branach Manufacturing
Branach Manufacturing creates and distributes a world leading range of extension ladders and safety platforms that address many of the workplace safety issues associated with accessing heights. TXM used Value Stream Mapping to identify Branach Manufacturing process inefficiencies. TXM assisted Branach to develop and implement a new future state for its operations. The Branach plant is now a showcase for the application of a lean production system in a small manufacturer.

Branach has achieved significant improvements in operational performance including:

  • A 50% overall increase in productivity.
  • A 90% reduction in packaging time.
  • 80% reduction in order lead time for customers for access platforms custom-made extension ladders.
  • Growing the business while retaining low overheads.

Sykes Racing
Sykes Racing was spread across several small factory buildings on the side of a hill in Geelong. Sykes boats had migrated from wood to sophisticated carbon fibre composites many years before, but the manufacturing mindset was largely unchanged.

TXM coached the Sykes team to develop a value stream map. However, the rubber really hit the road when Sykes applied the TXM plant layout process to the long thin rowing boats. The result was an “S” shaped flow layout that enabled the business to potentially double output.

The results have been spectacular. Apart from having a spotless factory that now leads the world in productivity and quality, Sykes have reduced their order back log from 6 months to 6 weeks along with increased output, increased productivity and reduced rework.

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