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 Perth, WA

As an International Management professional, Philippe's experience extends across sales functions and knowledge of both import and export across a range of industries including industrial, agribusiness, commercial, mining and oil and gas.

Philippe has a strong experience, both as a corporate professional and independent consultant, in helping companies both, export to new markets and set up, import and distribute in Western Australia.

His passion lies in International Trade and finding solutions in this incredibly complex environment. Philippe holds a Masters of Science degree in International Trade and Transport and has worked all his life in International Logistics and Trade Consulting.

He also trains companies on all matters related to International Trade: Incoterms, Letters of Credit, Logistics, FTAs.


Key areas of skill & expertise

Growing Sales International Business Sourcing, Supply Chains and Alliances Innovation

Case Studies

A well-known Australian tackle producer with a highly complex supply chain across Asia needed to understand how to reduce their duty impact across the board. Philippe provided a detailed analysis of the situation and how to correctly lodge customs entries and recover past overpaid duty amounts if it had occurred. The supply chain involved suppliers from 7 different country of origins in Asia, not all of them part of the AANZFTA. The process to perform the work to full satisfaction involved: gathering of all supplier costs and production costs for all 100+ different product references, choice of the best calculation method under AANZFTA rules. The project allowed the company to decrease their duties on arrival in Australia and recover some of the excess paid over the last 5 years. The final brief also provided a structured guideline to company buyers on how to select suppliers taking into account country of origin and associated costs to make sure all future products would qualify under AANZFTA rules and thus attract no duty.

A very innovative small leisure boat producer with a very large order book was experiencing difficulties with their Thailand production facility. They had constant quality issues which negatively impacted delivery rates. After spending months on the ground trying to solve those issues, they decided to explore the option to move production to another Asian country. Philippe helped the company to identify which country would provide the best opportunity in terms of technical knowledge (epoxy spraying in particular) and production and logistics costs considerations. The client also wanted to identify, develop and contact a list of preselected potential producers from the best country of interest and to make initial contact as part of a pre selection process. After extensive research, pre-qualifications and meetings, the client successfully moved their production to Taiwan.

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