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 Sydney, NSW | Melbourne, VIC | Brisbane, QLD

Lucy Bingle is a LinkedIn Marketing Strategist, she provides expert LinkedIn consulting services and LinkedIn marketing training globally.

Lucy has over 20 years marketing experience and has extensive experience working with large corporates and SME's across all industries. She is passionate about helping companies succeed in amplifying their brand, reaching their target audience and growing their business.

LinkedIn is the perfect platform for businesses and individuals to position themselves and connect with their target audience. With a clever LinkedIn strategy businesses can identify leads, connect with their target audience, share their stories, company culture, track record and industry insights. This will result in the generation of real commercial opportunities

Key areas of skill & expertise

Strategy and Planning Growing Sales

Case Studies

Lucy is passionate about helping companies, entrepreneurs, and senior executives develop and execute a successful LinkedIn Marketing Strategy.

Lucy has helped businesses with:

  • LinkedIn Profile optimisation
  • LinkedIn Marketing Strategies - Lead generation
  • Connecting and engaging with target market
  • Social selling techniques
  • Building credibility & thought leadership - demonstrating that you are Industry Experts
  • Grow and nurture your LinkedIn communities
  • Developing customised LinkedIn marketing campaigns
By leveraging the power of LinkedIn you will build brand awareness which will ultimately result in more opportunities and increased revenue.


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