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Visionary leader with 10+ years of experience as an entrepreneur, executive and advisor. Jeremy thrives working with customers to augment human potential with technology to build super powered, happy teams.

With digital transformation at the forefront of business growth, he works with both SME and large enterprises to create new IP and enduring value to keep pace with a rapidly changing global economy.

Key areas of skill & expertise

Strategy and Planning Productivity Improvement Growing Sales International Business Process Improvement and Lean Sourcing, Supply Chains and Alliances Adopting New Technologies

Case Studies

Type: Consulting and advisory firm in the Resources sector
Annual Revenue: $2M - $15M
Markets: Australia, New Zealand, SE Asia
Budget: ~$100k
ROI/Value: ~$500k per annum
YTao provided advisory services in the review and optimisation of internal operations, document automation and a defined pathway to building unique IP for the business. We delivered highly scalable systems that met both immediate needs and longer-term business growth. This project enabled a new business trajectory and opportunity leveraging unique market data.
Outcome: Automated workflows, specific to document automation, significantly increased productivity and consistency, saving hundreds of hours in manual tasks.
Type: Manufacture business in QLD servicing B2B sales
Annual Revenue: $2M - $15M
Markets: Australia, New Zealand
Budget: ~$250k
ROI/Value: +$5M new revenue and IP
+$300k per annum through Automated ERP/CRM
We provided a turn key solution to identify, implement and support fit-for-purpose digital pathway that enabled the business to automate current ERP/CRM systems and expand offices to service more clients. In addition, we identified a pathway to create patentable IP and generate new annuity revenue.
Type: Services/Production business in the Vineyard industry
Annual Revenue: $2M - $15M
Markets: Australia, New Zealand, SE Asia
Budget: ~$300k
ROI/Value: +$300k per annum in resource efficiency
+$7M new IP project with international scope
YTao engaged this business to migrate the team from manual to fully digital systems including inventory control, onsite data capture and management of mobile workforce. In addition we identified an opportunity to generate new IP that will have a significant impact to water ecology and product yield predictions across the Barossa Valley region.

We implemented highly scalable Field Service and CRM systems that met immediate digital needs and also enabled unique data capture onsite that can be used to develop new IP.

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