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 Hobart, TAS

James is an experienced business consultant, business manager, project manager and entrepreneur. Previously James held senior management roles in the resources and engineering sectors. James is active in the Tasmanian start-up community and is a current board member of Start-up Tasmania.

James’ area of focus is business strategy. His passion is identifying where businesses should focus their energies to win – and what things to stop doing that add little value. To provide the best possible client outcomes, James works closely with a network of subject matter experts in areas including accounting, financing, leadership development, succession planning, marketing, legal support, business governance and others as required. James builds upon strong foundations in project management to deliver focussed and effective consulting services.

A typical engagement for James involves:

  • understanding the business from the perspective of owners, managers, staff, customers and suppliers,
  • diagnosing the key areas to improve business performance,
  • preparing an executable improvement plan,
  • linking owners to subject matter experts, and
  • providing ongoing accountability.


James holds an Executive MBA from Melbourne Business School and a Bachelors’ Degree in Engineering from the University of Tasmania.

James is known for no-nonsense, jargon-free, clear and actionable strategy that cuts straight to what is important.

Key areas of skill & expertise

Strategy and Planning

Case Studies

A major construction contractor was assessing opportunities to improve their profitability. They were concerned that “hidden costs” were eroding their profitability, that project cost estimations did not reflect true costs, and that variations to project scopes were not being identified and passed to clients.

James worked with the company COO and CFO to diagnose the root of their concern. The process included interviewing staff across field operations, management, cost estimating and financial control and observing their actual workflow.

With this information, James worked through an executable plan with the company management team:

  • Mapped out current processes
  • Identified risks and gaps under current process
  • Compared against industry best practice
  • Compiled a detailed brief for creation of a cloud-based management system by a software developer


Based on the detailed analysis and demonstrated understanding of their business challenges and execution plan, the company agreed to finance James and two co-founders in an entrepreneurial venture to create this system as a commercial product for similar contractors.

James approaches his clients’ challenges with this same frame of both a strategy advisor and a business owner and entrepreneur.

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