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Ai Group has an excellent record of achievement in numerous major cases in the Fair Work Commission, the Federal Court and other courts. Ai Group's National Workplace Relations Policy and Advocacy Team is constantly involved in successfully representing the interests of Ai Group's collective membership and individual Ai Group members in major cases such as:

  • Appeals against decisions of FWC members;
  • Annual Wage Reviews;
  • Major cases during Award Reviews; and
  • Test cases.

Ai Group's team of workplace relations advocates are all legally qualified and have many years of experience.

Latest successes

Ai Group has been working on several important issues on behalf of our members for some time and have recently achieved some significant breakthroughs.

Despite some misreporting of the recent Casual and Part-time Employment Case in the Fair Work Commission (FWC), Ai Group achieved a very positive outcome for business by stopping the most damaging of the union claims which would have directly impacted on a company’s ability to manage its workforce.

We were the principal employer organisation in that case which ran for over two years. In the face of strong union opposition, the FWC endorsed our arguments to give employers the right to refuse an employee’s request to convert to permanency from a casual status. It also maintained the right to roster two-hour and not four-hour casual shifts in most awards and it retained the right for employers to engage new casual staff without having to offer existing casuals more hours.

This and the Penalty Rates Case (where Ai Group Workplace Lawyers represented the fast food sector) were the two biggest cases during the 4-Yearly Review of Modern Awards and a successful outcome by Ai Group was achieved in both.

We also had further success in the domestic violence leave deliberations in the Commission. The FWC accepted our argument that union claims for a one-size-fits-all requirement for all businesses to offer 10 days of separate, paid domestic violence leave a year was unnecessary and unworkable. The FWC is now looking at more workable options to address this community problem.

In each of these cases, we have been the ones front and centre arguing the case for Australian industry. We can only do this with the support of our members. These are important cases that impact all businesses and we have successfully appeared and fought on behalf of industry to hold the line against increasingly strident union campaigns that would have built rigidities into the workplace and significantly impacted bottom lines.

In the coming year Ai Group will continue its daily hard work in the Fair Work Commission both for individual businesses and on big cases that can change the shape of our workplaces. Our mission is to help businesses thrive and thanks to member support and guidance on identifying the key issues that matter we will continue to kick goals.

To stay up-to-date with our activities in this area, please email to request more information.