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Ai Group Standards Committee Representative Handbook Review

We have received good feedback on the HB review and thanks to all of those that took the time to read it and identify issues. We will release a second revised draft showing changes we have made based on your comments before finalisation. In considering your comments, keep in mind that when you become a committee member you represent Ai Group and Ai Group’s membership, not only your own or your company’s views. You can view the draft here. Please submit any feedback to James Thomson.

Ai Group Votes No – Draft AS 1357.1 Valves primarily for use in heated water systems Part 1 Protection valves

After extensive consultation with our membership, Ai Group recently cast a negative ballot on AS 1357.1 Valves primarily for use in heated water systems (Part 1 Protection valves). Our members raised significant concerns for community and product safety, which were weighed against innovation and trade concerns. After further discussions with Standards Australia a satisfactory resolution was reached, and the standard can proceed to publication. The detailed explanation and suggestions we provided to Standards Australia can be viewed here.

New Ai Group Women in Compliance Network

As some of you may be aware, Ai Group have recently launched a Women in Compliance Network on LinkedIn. The definition of compliance for the purpose of the group is broad but does not include HR activities and focuses more on Standards, Regulatory and Compliance matters, along with some gender related content. The vision of the group is ‘a world in which women are equally included in the development of standards, regulation and in compliance activities across Australia'.

If you would like to nominate yourself or a colleague, or discuss the group further, contact Rachael Wilkinson. Alternatively, you can request to join the group yourself by following this link.

Safe Work Australia National Review of Workplace Exposure Standards (WES)

Workplace Exposure Standards (WES) establish the maximum level of airborne contaminant that can be present in the air, for mixtures and substances that can cause harm to health.

Any business that uses hazardous chemicals or produces fumes, dust or vapours during processes will most likely be affected by the outcomes of this review.

For more information and our Factsheet on this topic, visit our dedicated webpage

A webinar has also been scheduled for 12 December 2019. This webinar will have two key areas of focus:

  • practical guidance on managing the risks associated with airborne contaminants; and
  • information about the review and how employers can determine the impact of possible changes.

For information and to register click here.

Would you like to contribute an article?

We are calling for articles from our members involved in standards development. If you are interested in writing for this Communiqué on your experience with standards development and/or regulatory practice then please contact us.