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Current Vacancies

IT-040: ICT Accessibility
Standards Australia is reactivating the committee to adopt EN 301 549 v2.1.2, then once they receive approval, they will be adopting V3.

CS-075: Seat belts for use in motor vehicles
The committee Terms of Reference will be confirmed once the committee constitutions process is complete. Standards Australia now has an approved project proposal to revise AS/NZS 2596-2003.

Previously Advertised

BD-038 Wet Areas in Buildings
Revising AS 3740 (waterproofing for domestic wet areas), set to commence in early December.

PL-047: Mobile Waste Containers
Standards Australia is currently constituting this Technical Committee. They are proposing to work on the development of AS 4123.8 – Mobile Waste Containers: Mobile Bin Lifting Systems, in particular.

MT-002 Copper and Copper Alloys
Standards Australia is currently constituting this Technical Committee.

EL-042 Renewable Energy Power Supply Systems & Equipment
Our second seat will become vacant with the publication of AS 5139.

SF-006:  Eye and Face Protection
Standards Australia is currently constituting this Technical Committee.

EL-065: Management of Network Assets in Power Systems

IT-043: Artificial Intelligence
The Committee's current focus is on getting up to speed with the work of the international committee and starting to contribute their own work.
MT-014: Corrosion of Metals
Currently heading towards the completion of the revision of AS 4312 but SA suggests another project will be commenced in the next six months.
QR-010: Conformity Assessment

Sub-committees associated with BD-090: Bridge Code
AS 5100 Bridge Design, Part 1 – Scope and General Principles
AS 5100 Bridge Design, Part 2 – Design Loads
AS 5100 Bridge Design, Part 3 – Foundations
AS 5100 Bridge Design, Part 4 – Bearings and Deck Joints
AS 5100 Bridge Design, Part 5 – Concrete
AS 5100 Bridge Design, Part 6 – Steel and Composite Construction
AS 5100 Bridge Design, Part 7 – Bridge Assessment (formally known as Rating)​​​​​​​

MT-014: Corrosion of Metals
Current projects and ISO participation underway
PL-046: Polyethylene storage tanks for water and chemicals
Deadline: August 9, 2019

WS-001: Water and Gas Fittings

WS-026: Valves primarily for use in warm and hot water systems





We thank our committee representatives for their contribution to standards development and seek your support by:

  • submitting to us committee minutes when available; and
  • keeping the TeamUp calendar up to date with your (Lead Reps) committee meetings.

Please touch base with us when:

  • establishing the Ai Group position;
  • assessing Project Proposals; or
  • when your circumstances change.

For further information see our Standards Committee Nominee Handbook.

To request a committee seat, contact the Standards team.