Post Pandemic Policy Papers

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a massive impact on Australians, from lives to lifestyles to every aspect of our economy. Immediate crisis management is vital. But as a national association of employers, Ai Group recognises the importance of a deep consideration of how best Australia as a nation and our states, territories, regions and communities can recover, rebuild and reposition for a stronger and better economy and society over the long term.

Ai Group sees economic and social strength as going hand-in-hand. The fundamentals are building a more dynamic and higher productivity economy; achieving a more inclusive economy and society; and ensuring that Australia moves decisively to net zero emissions by 2050.

Ai Group has developed a set of Post Pandemic Policy Papers with recommendations across many fundamental areas of public policy to help achieve these ambitions. You can view a summary of the framework behind these papers in our Recover, rebuild and reposition - Post pandemic policy document.


Taxation reform to support a better federation, a better economy and a fairer society.

Trade & Migration

An open approach to trade, international investment and migration.

Climate & Energy

Achieving competitive, reliable and sustainable energy and putting Australia on a clear path to net zero emissions

Circular Economy & Waste

Investing to build the circular economy and efficiently manage waste and recycling.

Education & Training

Building opportunity and capability.

Defence Industry

Building an efficient and high-performance defence industry

Workplace Health and Safety

Meeting post COVID-19 challenges with shared responsibilities.

Industry Development

Towards greater resilience, higher productivity and more diverse opportunities.

Coming soon

Workplace Relations

Achieving better workplace relations to create opportunity, adaptability and fairness.