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Published Name
23-Mar-2021 Clean Energy Regulator: Corporate Emissions Reduction Transparency Report (CERT)
23-Mar-2021 Gas Taskforce: National Gas Infrastructure Plan (NGIP)
10-Mar-2021 Tasmanian Waste and Resource Recovery Bill 2021
29-Jan-2021 Right to Repair Inquiry and Issues Paper


Published Name
04-Dec-2020 Prospective National Gas Reservation Scheme Review
24-Sep-2020 Senate Inquiry into the Grid Reliability Fund Bill 2020
14-Sep-2020 Recycling and Waste Reduction Bill 2020
21-Aug-2020 Crib Point LNG import project – energy and climate aspects
04-Aug-2020 SA Waste Strategy 2020-2025
07-May-2020 The Future of Waste and Resource Recovery in NSW (NSW 20-Year Waste Strategy)
07-May-2020 NSW Plastics Plan
12-Feb-2020 Consultation Regulation Impact Statement – Phasing out certain waste exports


Published Name
02-Dec-2019 Banning exports of waste, plastic, paper, glass and tyres – Dept of Environment & Energy
02-Dec-2019 Joint statement: The role of Article 6 of the Paris Agreement
14-Nov-2019 Smart Demand Response Capabilities for Selected Appliances
25-Oct-2019 Discussion Paper: Expert Panel on Opportunities for Further Abatement
25-Oct-2019 Joint Response on Opportunities for Further Abatement
24-Oct-2019 Joint submission to King Review – Australia's energy transition: supporting businesses to adapt and thrive
08-Oct-2019 Treasury Laws Amendment (Prohibiting Energy Market Misconduct) Bill 2019
05-Apr-2019 Submission to Energy Security Board: Retailer Reliability Obligation – Draft Rules Consultation Paper


Published Name
30-Nov-2018 Electricity Price monitoring and responsive legislative framework
15-Nov-2018 Commonwealth proposals: Federal support to underwrite new investments in power generation
06-Jul-2018 National Energy Guarantee Draft Detailed Design for Consultation
29-Jun-2018 Consultation Paper for Product Stewardship Act Review
13-Mar-2018 Energy Security Board National Energy Guarantee Consultation Paper
19-Jan-2018 Ai Group Submission - Scientific Inquiry into Hydraulic Fracturing in the Northern Territory


Published Name
13-Jun-2017 Ai Group submission on the Australian Domestic Gas Security Mechanism
26-May-2017 Ai Group submission to the 2017 Review of Climate Policies
17-Mar-2017 Independent Review of the Future Security of the National Electricity Market (Finkel Review)


Published Name
18-Aug-2016 COAG Energy Council Reform Priorities


Published Name
11-Nov-2015 Ai Group submission to the Victorian Government: Discussion paper on managing e-waste in Victoria
09-Nov-2015 Ai Group Submission: Victorian EPA Inquiry
23-Oct-2015 Ai Group submission to the South Australian Climate Change Strategy Issues Papers
08-May-2015 Ai Group submission on Costs for the Regulatory Impact Statement to the Operational Review of the National Computer and Television Recycling Scheme
01-May-2015 Ai Group's submission to the Department of the Environment on the Government's proposed design for the Emissions Reduction Fund Safeguard Mechanism.
26-Apr-2015 Ai Group Submission on the Emissions Targets Issues Paper
19-Feb-2015 Ai Group submission to the Operational Review of the National Computer and Television Recycling Scheme
19-Feb-2015 Ai Group submission on use of unrefunded landfill carbon liability monies


Published Name
18-Jul-2014 Carbon Tax Repeal member advice July 2014
20-May-2014 Ai Group submission to Renewable Energy Target review
24-Feb-2014 Ai Group submission to the Gas Market 2020 Strategy
24-Feb-2014 Ai Group submission to the Energy White Paper Issues Paper
24-Feb-2014 Ai Group Submission on the Emissions Reduction Fund Green Paper


Published Name
13-Dec-2013 Ai Group submission to the Climate Change Authority's Targets and Progress Review Draft Report
24-Nov-2013 Terms of reference for the Emissions Reduction Fund - Submission
22-Nov-2013 Ai Group submission to the Senate Inquiry into carbon price repeal legislation
05-Nov-2013 Ai Group submission to the carbon price repeal legislation
11-Jun-2013 Ai Group submission on the Climate Change Authority Caps and Targets Review Issues Paper
07-May-2013 Submission to Discussion Paper on Proposed Amendments to the National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme
01-Feb-2013 ESC Victoria's Water Price Review 2013-1018


Published Name
18-Dec-2012 Ai Group Submission on Draft Victorian Waste and Resource Recovery Policy
14-Sep-2012 Ai Group Submission - Renewable Energy Target Review
15-May-2012 Submission to Victorian Waste Policy Review
27-Apr-2012 Ai Group Submission - VEET Amendments
23-Apr-2012 The Australian Industry Group submission to the NSW Waste and Environment Levy Review
03-Apr-2012 Response to Consultation Paper on the Proposed Model for Accreditation of Voluntary Product Stewardship Arrangements
30-Mar-2012 Response to the Packaging Impacts Consultation Regulation Impact Statement
16-Mar-2012 Ai Group Submission in response to the Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards (WELS) Scheme Consultation Paper, Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities, 24 January 2012, March 2012
24-Feb-2012 Comments on Draft Guidelines on Publication of Monitoring Data
09-Jan-2012 Ai Group submission to the Clean Energy Finance Corporation Expert Review


Published Name
29-Nov-2011 Ai Group submission on review of Victorian Climate Change Act
26-Oct-2011 QLD Waste Reform - Policy Update Factsheet (September 2011)
25-Oct-2011 Submission on the Clean Technology Program (CTP)
07-Oct-2011 Ai Group submission to the Review of Regulatory Impact Assessment processes in NSW
31-Aug-2011 Submission on the Federal Government's draft Clean Energy Bill and related legislation
31-Aug-2011 Ai Group Submission in response to the National Legislation for MEPS and Energy Labelling Draft Greenhouse and Energy Minimum Standards (GEMS) Bill Industry Consultation Paper, August 2011
25-Aug-2011 Ai Group Submission to Strategic Review of Sustainability Victoria
23-Aug-2011 Greentape Reduction Discussion Paper and Regulatory Assessment Statement
23-Aug-2011 Ai Group Submission to the Statutory Policy Review
29-Jun-2011 Draft Trade Waste Customer Code
30-May-2011 Submission on Government's Proposed Carbon Pricing Model (Submission)
30-May-2011 Key Points from Submission on Government's proposed Carbon Pricing Model
27-Apr-2011 Draft Climate Change Adaptation Framework for South Australia
08-Apr-2011 National Television and Computer Product Stewardship Scheme - Consultation Paper on Proposed Regulations
06-Apr-2011 Product Stewardship Bill 2011 - Submission by Ai Group to the Senate Environment and Communications Legislation Committee
01-Mar-2011 Regulatory Assessment Statement and Cost Benefit Analysis for a waste disposal levy proposal in Queensland
01-Mar-2011 Upcoming Industry Waste Levy (Queensland) - Policy Update
31-Jan-2011 Review of Environment Protection (Fees) Regulations 2001


Published Name
14-Dec-2010 Ai Group submission on Proposed Changes to Permanent Water Savings Measures
13-Dec-2010 Submission in response to the Developing a Trade Waste Customer Service Code Scoping Paper
13-Dec-2010 Product Stewardship Legislation Consulation Paper - Submission by Ai Group
22-Oct-2010 Submission by Ai Group in Response to the EPA Victoria Compliance and Enforcement Review Discussion Paper
08-Oct-2010 Stakeholder Consultation: South Australia's Waste Strategy 2010 - 2015
15-Sep-2010 Upcoming Industry Waste Levy (Queensland) – Policy Update
18-Aug-2010 Ai Group submission in response to the Minimum Energy Performance Standards for Air Conditioners
18-Aug-2010 Ai Group Submission in response to the Mandatory Advertising of Energy Rating Labels Invitation to comment on business compliance costs - Supplier Survey
04-Aug-2010 Ai Group response to the Queensland Draft Waste Strategy and proposed industry waste levy
18-May-2010 Ai Group Response to the Consultation Regulatory Impact Statement on Used Packaging Materials
01-Apr-2010 Ai Group submission on EPA Victoria's Licensing Reform Program
26-Feb-2010 Ai Group's submission re draft State Planning Policy (air, noise and hazardous materials)


Published Name
05-Oct-2009 Australian Industry Group Response to the Victorian Climate Change Green Paper
05-Oct-2009 Gearing Up: Business Readiness for Climate Change
31-Jul-2009 Comments on the Draft Framework for a National Waste Policy
31-Jul-2009 Ai Group submission to the Senate Economic Committee Inquiry into the Renewable Energy Target legislation
27-May-2009 Ai Group's response to the VCEC (Victorian Competition and Efficiency Commission) review of the State’s environmental regulations framework
13-May-2009 A National Waste Policy: Managing Waste to 2020 - Ai Group Submission to Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts
09-Apr-2009 Ai Group submission to the Senate Select Committee on Climate Policy with specific reference to the proposed Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme (CPRS)
06-Apr-2009 Ai Group submission on the EPA Victoria Exposure Draft of the Environment Protection (Industrial Waste Resource) Regulations 2009
26-Mar-2009 Ai Group submission on draft exposure Bills for the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme
23-Mar-2009 Ai Group presentation to Essential Services Commission Victoria consultation on Metropolitan Water Prices Determination 2009-2013
26-Feb-2009 Ai Group submission on the exposure draft Renewable Energy (Electricity) Amendment Bill 2008
26-Feb-2009 Submission on the Treatment of electricity-intensive, trade-exposed industries under the expanded national Renewable Energy Target scheme
19-Feb-2009 IPART Review of NSW climate change mitigation measures


Published Name
03-Nov-2008 Review of QLD Government’s Climate Change Strategy Issues Paper
21-Oct-2008 Ai Group's response to EPA Victoria regarding Introduction of Enforceable Undertakings
15-Oct-2008 Big Ask: Big Impact - Submission Overview
02-Oct-2008 Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme Green Paper
29-Aug-2008 Review of Environment Protection Policies (Air, Noise and Water)
15-Mar-2008 Review of Queensland Environment Protection Regulation
18-Jan-2008 Queensland Waste Strategy Discussion Paper
15-Jan-2008 Response to the VCEC Draft Report "Water Ways: Inquiry into Reform of the Metropolitan Water Sector"


Published Name
20-Dec-2007 Ai Group's submission to the Victorian Competition and Efficiency Commission (VCEC) review of the metropolitan Melbourne water industry
27-Aug-2007 National Greenhouse & Energy Reporting 2007 - submission to the Senate Environment, Information Technology and Arts Committee on the National Greenhouse & Energy Reporting Bill 2007.
01-Mar-2007 Submission to the Prime Minister's Task Group on Emissions Trading


Published Name
15-Feb-2006 Ai Group Submission to Trade Waste Review