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Expanded Qld-NSW Interconnector sensible addition to transmission capacity

"The expanded Queensland-New South Wales Interconnector (QNI) is a very useful project and we're glad to see the Federal and NSW Governments investing to accelerate it," Ai Group Chief Executive, Innes Willox, said today.

"Our electricity system is changing fast as ageing generators break or retire and renewable generators enter in different places with different operational characteristics.

"To manage the change successfully we need a portfolio of flexible resources. Greater transmission capacity between regions is a critical part of that, along with different forms of storage, demand response, and flexible generation.

"Reliability measures need to justify their costs, and we should scrutinize new proposals carefully before committing electricity users to pay for them. However, delivering QNI faster will help sustain reliability across the National Energy Market and comes at modest cost. This is a sensible step by both governments," Mr Willox said.

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The Federal Govt / NSW Govt announcement is available here.